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Twitter Showdown: US Navy Violates India’s EEZ Without Consent, Experts React | India News


NEW DELHI. In an unusually provocative move, the United States announced that it conducted operational patrols in the Indian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) this week, without deliberately seeking any prior consent, to assert its “rights and freedoms of navigation.”

The US Navy regularly conducts such patrols in the contentious South China Sea to challenge China’s aggressive territorial claims on its neighbors. But a provocative statement from similar patrols in India’s EEZ, as the United States seeks cooperation from India to strengthen “alliances and partnerships” to foster a “credible deterrence” against China in the Indo-Pacific, has called the attention here.
So far there has been no official response from India, but various maritime and defense experts reacted to the development on Twitter.
‘Unnecessary timing, puzzling move’

‘The move weakens QUAD’

‘Indian law is not compatible with international law’

‘Nothing to scandalize here’

‘Biden’s son is engaged to China, therefore he harasses a friendly India’

‘Press release issued to shame India’

‘Bad enough rape, why advertise?’

‘The United States has done it to several nations before’

‘There is no need to make a mountain out of a molehill’

‘Will the PMO react?’

America giving mixed signals

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