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“The shortage in Cong-ruled states is not about vaccines but about compromise”: BJP’s reply to Rahul’s comment on “hunger for vaccines” | India News


NEW DELHI: Rahul Gandhi’s letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleging “vaccine starvation” in the country has sparked a strong retort from the BJP.
Rahul Gandhi, in his letter to the Prime Minister, demanded an immediate moratorium on exports of Covid-19 vaccines and the opening of vaccination to “everyone who needs it.”
Responding to Rahul, Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that “India is not facing vaccine starvation, but Gandhi is facing” care starvation. ”
He went on to call Rahul Gandhi a “full-time lobbyist”.
“After failing as a part-time politician, has Rahul Gandhi switched to full-time lobbying? First, he pressured the fighter jet companies by trying to derail India’s procurement program. Now he is pressuring pharmaceutical companies by applying for arbitrary approvals for vaccines, “said Prasad.
Rejecting claims of vaccine shortages, the Union minister said: “Rahul Gandhi should know that the shortage in states governed by Congress is not of vaccines but of basic commitment to health care.”
He continued to criticize Rahul for not having vaccinated himself.
“Why hasn’t Rahul Gandhi been vaccinated yet? Is it an oversight or he doesn’t want it or has he already taken one on many of his undisclosed trips to foreign places but doesn’t want to reveal it?” asked the Union minister.
Earlier today, questioning the government for allowing large-scale exports of vaccines, Rahul said: “As our nation faces vaccine starvation, more than six crore of vaccines have been exported.”
Rahul alleged that state governments were repeatedly highlighting the vaccine shortage only to receive intemperate statements from the union’s health minister.
He accused the Health Minister of targeting opposition-ruled states and undermining cooperative federalism.
“Was the export of vaccines also an ‘oversight’, like many other decisions of this government, or an effort to gain publicity at the expense of our own citizens?” Gandhi asked.
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