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Public roads must not be blocked in protests: Supreme Court | India News


NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court hearing on Friday a plea against the farmers’ protest underway at the Delhi borders has said that public roads should not be blocked during the protests.
The court was hearing a guilty plea from a Noida resident who requested instructions to ensure that the road between Noida and Delhi is kept clear so that the passage is not affected.
There should be a free flow of traffic on the roads, the superior court said.
The high court also implements the governments of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh as parties in the case against the road blockade due to farmers’ protest.
The court made it clear that the broader issue of farm laws can be decided judicially, politically or administratively, but the common man should not be disturbed.
“We clarify that we are not concerned about a bigger issue, but only about the flow of traffic. Public streets should not be blocked,” said a bank led by Justice SK Kaul said.
The Bench emphasized that in its previous rulings, the supreme court had made it clear that roads should not be blocked.
“We are not concerned with how you (the government) solve this problem, be it politically, administratively or legally. But we have said it before, the roads should not be blocked. It cannot create continuous nuisance,” the Bank said.
This is a single mother who has to face so many problems due to these blocked roads, the Bank said while publishing the matter for its hearing on April 19.
Previously, the Supreme Court had sought a response from the central government and Delhi Police Commissioner on the petition filed by Noida resident Monica Agarwal, who claimed that her trip to Delhi took her two hours instead of the normal 20 minutes.
She argued that despite the various directions approved by the superior court to keep the roundtrip passage (the road) clear, the same had not yet happened.
Being a single father who has some medical problems, Agarwaal said that traveling to Delhi has turned into a nightmare. The statement said that he stayed and worked in Noida, but since he had a marketing job he had to travel frequently to Delhi.
“She says that she is a single mother and also has some medical problems and it has become a nightmare to travel to Delhi, where it takes her two hours instead of the normal 20 minutes. She maintains that despite the various instructions approved by this Court In order to keep the passage to and from (the roads) clear, the same has not happened yet. We did put her in charge, if so, it is an administrative failure since the judicial hearing has already been raised by us, “the Court had indicated. in your order.

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