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Mamata’s fulminations against CAPF reveal frustration: Shah | India News


CALCUTTA: Against West Bengal’s Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Interior Minister Amit Shah said on Friday that her fulminations against the central forces betrayed her frustration at the “imminent defeat” in the Assembly elections.
He expressed confidence that the BJP will win between 63 and 68 seats where votes have been taken in the first three phases. The vote ended in 91 of the 294 constituencies of the state assembly in all three phases.
“I have never seen a prime minister or the president of a political party use the kind of words that Mamata Banerjee uses against the central forces. Are you trying to create anarchy? Do you want riots?”
“I want her to have some common sense. She should know that the central forces do not function under the Interior Ministry during elections. They are under the control of the Electoral Commission,” he told a news conference.
Shah was responding to TMC’s supreme claim that CAPF staff harassed and intimidated voters and asked them to vote for the BJP at the behest of Shah and the Ministry of the Interior.
He said Banerjee’s call for minority unity to avoid splitting their votes shows that minority voters are turning away from the TMC.
The people of Bengal are upset that Mamata Banerjee has failed to control the infiltration, her protest against the CAA and the policy of appeasement, Shah said.

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