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Mamata receives a notification from the EC for trying to “vilify” the central forces | India News


The Election Commission issued a notice on Thursday to the Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee for its repeated attempts to “reprimand and vilify” the central armed police forces by “falsely” suggesting that they may intimidate voters into voting for a party in particular and even inciting women voters during a recent speech. to “gherao” the uniformed personnel. This is the second EC notice to Banerjee in recent days.
The TMC chief responded to EC on Friday, saying that he does not “care about their cover letters” and that he would “continue to talk about CRPF until they stop working for BJP.” That prompted Interior Minister Amit Shah to say: “TMC’s frustration at its impending defeat is evident in his (Mamata’s) actions and speeches.”
The EC said it was prima facie convinced that Mamata’s two statements, one during a television interview broadcast on March 28 and another in a speech on April 7 in Cooch Behar, violated the model code of conduct and Sections 186, 189. and 504 of the Indian Penal Code. The poll panel notice asked Banerjee to explain his position at 11 a.m. Saturday.
Calling Banerjee’s statements “completely false, provocative and intemperate”, the EC said that his attempts to tarnish the central paramilitary forces during the electoral process were “causing extreme demoralization” among the bases of the forces that had made a ” immense contribution ”to the conduct of free, fair and peaceful elections since the 1980s. He said his comments had the potential to generate a“ wedge of mistrust ”between the state police and central forces.
This is the second notice to Banerjee in recent days. On Wednesday, the EC had sent him a notice about his appeal of votes along communal lines, saying it violated the model code as well as Section 123 of the People’s Representation Law.
The latest EC advisory said that the prime minister’s spikes and false accusations were taking down the very forces “that … have made a commendable contribution, especially to ensuring dominance of the area and deterring antisocial hooligans by their mere presence, thus playing a fundamental role in assisting the EC to carry out free, fair, transparent and accessible elections ”.
“Much more discouraging is the fact that Banerjee has been trying to make an emotional speech so that women voters go to the point of inciting them to attack CAPF staff. It is extremely regrettable that political battles are being pursued in this way instead of being fought in the electoral campaign, ”said the EC.
In the notice, the survey panel recalled that when visiting West Bengal on February 21, a Trinamool Congressional delegation had alleged that BSF staff were intimidating villagers living in border areas into voting in favor of a particular match at the polls. However, the delegation was unable to present any evidence in this regard.
“I have asked for specific instances. They (BSF) are one of the best forces in the country. There is no point in punishing any force, ad nauseam, “said the CCA Sunil Arora.

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