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India Seeks US Help As China-Backed Attacks Threaten Military | India News


NEW DELHI: India’s top military official says the country plans to seek help from the United States and other countries to shore up its defense infrastructure that is vulnerable to Chinese-backed cyberattacks.
India is racing to develop capabilities, but even so, its critical and military systems remain highly vulnerable to breaches, Defense Chief General Bipin Rawat said at a seminar in New Delhi on Wednesday. The matter was discussed during Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s visit last month and it was decided to seek cooperation in the spheres of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.
“We have to seriously consider catching up with China on technology,” Rawat said. “We may not be able to fully catch up with China, so we are trying to develop a relationship with Western nations to see how best to get their support during peacetime, at least to overcome these shortcomings.” .
Authorities are investigating a series of alleged recent cyber intrusions that could have caused a power outage in Mumbai, crippled bank systems and caused the country’s main National Stock Exchange to fail. The series of attacks comes amid a border clash with China that has continued for nearly a year.
Soldiers on both sides remain within rifle range at various points along the 3,488 kilometers (2,167 miles) of the Himalayan border. India is already considering a new national strategy to strengthen cybersecurity amid allegations of Chinese intrusions.
Last month, Recorded Future, a US-based private cybersecurity firm, warned that Chinese state-sponsored hackers had targeted up to 10 entities under India’s power grid, as well as two seaports. A collapse of the power grid supplying Mumbai is also suspected to have brought the financial center to a standstill for several hours, affecting stock markets, transportation networks and thousands of homes at the hands of Chinese-backed hackers.

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