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Head of Ansaar Gazwat-ul-Hind among 7 terrorists killed in 2 separate clashes in southern Kashmir in 24 hours | India News


SRINAGAR: Security forces shot dead seven terrorists, including Ansaar Gazwatul Hind’s boss, Imtiyaz Shah, in two separate encounters on Friday. Shah and an associate were shot dead in Tral after fleeing a mosque in Jan Mohalla, Shopian district, where they had hidden along with five other terrorists who died there after security forces used tear gas to drive them away. .
The security forces used tear gas projectiles to expel the terrorists from the mosque in order to maintain the sanctity of the place of worship.
The brother of a terrorist, accompanied by the local imam, was sent to the mosque to persuade them to surrender, but they were unsuccessful, a police officer said.
Meanwhile, the Srinagar-based 15 Corps GoC, Lt. Gen. DP Pandey, said at a press conference here that the Army was working on a two-front strategy in Kashmir: preventing the recruitment of local militants and squeezing the OGW and the social media network. used for the radicalization of youth. However, he said that anyone taking up arms would be treated strictly: local militants would have a chance to surrender, and if they refused, they would be killed.
Lt. General Pandey was addressing his first press conference as the 15th COG Corps in the Srinagar Police Control Room along with IGP (Kashmir) Vijay Kumar and GoC Victor Force Rashim Bali on the encounters at Shopian and Tral .
“I can feel that there is a new change and a new energy. They all want J&K to be a peaceful region. While the rest of Kashmir is peaceful, southern Kashmir and some parts of central Kashmir are witnessing cycles of violence, ”said Lt. General Pandey. “Efforts are being made to address the situation. We need the cooperation of the general public. Our youth are radicalizing and the people must help us stop the trend. ”
He said that some parents whose children had become militants had approached the Army to ask it “to recover their children and rehabilitate them even if they had to be imprisoned.”
When asked if the local militancy graph was high this year, the Government of Colombia said that the recruitment of local militants was much lower this year compared to previous years.
In reporting to the media about the two separate shootings, IGP (Kashmir) Vijay Kumar said: “In the Shopian operation we had to be very patient. We follow all SoP. We allowed the maulvi in ​​the local mosque where the militants were hiding to try twice to persuade the militants to surrender at night. We also brought the brother of a militant; his request for surrender was also rejected. We brought the parents of the militants in the morning, but the militants refused to surrender, “said the IGP, adding that no explosives, not even grenades, were used in the Shopian shooting. “We use tear gas projectiles. In the shooting that followed, five militants were killed: two from Hizbul Mujahideen, one from LeT and two from AGH. All were categorized as militants ”.
He said that two militants, including AGH chief Imtiyaz Shah, had fled the Shopian meeting place during the initial cordon off after throwing grenades. “We developed leads and discovered that the two had fled to the Nowbagh area of ​​Tral. Early today in the morning, a cordon operation was launched in an open area where Imtiyaz and his assistant were killed, ”he said.
Seven AK assault rifles and two pistols were recovered from the seven killed militants. He said the Shopian operation maintained the sanctity of the mosque and the place of worship suffered minimal damage.
The IGP identified the militants killed in Shopian as Muzamil Tantry, who had become a militant in August 2019; Adil Lone, who took up arms in July 2019; Younish Ahmed Khanday, who joined the militancy last November; and Basit Bhat, who picked up the gun in June of last year. He said the fifth militant had not yet been identified.
The IGP said that AGH chief Imtiyaz Shah, shot dead in the trial encounter, had been active since April 2019 and was tasked with targeting the Amarnath yatra in the Tral area. The identity of Imtiyaz’s assistant is under investigation.
Four soldiers, including an officer, were injured during the operation, the GOC, 15 Corps, said.

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