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EC notice to Mamata on comments against central forces, defiant TMC boss says “I don’t care” | India News


NEW DELHI / CALCUTTA: The Election Commission has issued a notice to Mamata Banerjee for her “completely false, provocative and intemperate statements” against the central forces conducting electoral work in West Bengal, prompting a defiant TMC chief to declare that she will continue to do so until “CRPF stops working for BJP”.
The notice issued on Thursday night said that the West Bengal chief minister prima facie violated various sections of the Indian Penal Code and the Model Code of Conduct with her comments against the central forces.
The prime minister has been asked to respond to the notification before 11 a.m. Saturday.
“… prima facie, completely false, provocative and immoderate statements made by Mamata Banerjee … attempts to reprimand and vilify the Central Paramilitary Forces during the electoral process are causing extreme demoralization among the ranks and archives of these forces … “, said the ad. .
He praised the CAPFs for serving farmers since the late 1980s, election after election, especially to ensure dominance of the area and deter antisocial hooligans by their mere presence.
Banerjee, in the electoral campaign, reacted angrily.
She repeated her accusation that the polling station was following orders from the BJP and the Interior Minister.
“I’ll keep talking about the CPRF until they stop working for the BJP. Once they stop doing that, I’ll say hi to them. I don’t give a damn about their demonstration letters (from EC). They’re working at the behest of the BJP. I wonder why there is no violation of the MCC when the prime minister campaigns on election days, “Mamata said at a rally in Jamalpur on Purba Bardhaman.
Banerjee, at his election rallies, has often accused central forces of intimidating voters “on instructions from the Union Interior Minister Amit Shah” and has also called on women to restrict his movement.
This is the second notice to Banerjee in recent days.
On Wednesday, the electoral body had sent him a notice about his alleged appeal of votes along communal lines, saying that it violated the model code and the Law of Representation of Persons.
The notice said in response to the statements she made on March 28 and April 7, “and the historicity of the subsequent statements … it is more than obvious that Mrs. Banerjee … has been consistent in reprimanding and demoralizing the Military Forces of Pará Central “. , which often played an important role in assisting concerned state governments and the governments of the union territories in restoring public order … ”
The ad cited Banerjee accusing central paramilitary forces of threatening women voters and not allowing them to exercise their right to vote.
“… And if CAPF creates disturbances, I tell you ladies, one group of you will go and restrict them (gherao) while another group will go to cast their votes. Don’t waste your vote. If you only commit to restricting they will be happy that You didn’t vote. This is his plan. This is BJP’s plan.
“And your plan will be that you do not panic if, on the one hand, they try to intimidate you when arriving at your village, on the other, you simply talk to them. Talking to them will be equivalent to repressing them. They have to gherao literally,” the notice said, quoting Banerjee.

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