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Covid-19: active cases exceed one million, its all-time high now | India News

India now has more active cases of the coronavirus than at any time since the start of the pandemic. The country’s active case count crossed the 1 million mark before settling at an all-time high of around 10.46,000 on Friday, even as new cases surged to another new peak of more than 1.45 lakh.
The previous highest count of active cases in India was 10,26,945 recorded on September 17, at the peak of the first wave of Covid. Along with the unprecedented growth in infections, active cases have shown the fastest increase in recent days, increasing by more than 4.3 lakh in the last eight days alone.
Meanwhile, new cases continued to rise in the country, with 1.45,089 new infections detected on Friday. The daily death toll from the virus was 774. Covid testing was also increasing, with more than 13.64 tests conducted Thursday for infections, the highest since Sept. 24 last year.
Maharashtra continued to record by far the highest number of new cases at 58,993 on Friday, the second highest count on record in the state. Mumbai added 9,202 cases to its account.
Cases rose in other parts of the country as well, with as many as six states seeing their biggest increase in infections in a single day. Leading these states was Chhattisgarh, which reported as many as 11,447 new cases on Friday, the highest count on record in any state other than Maharashtra and Kerala.
Uttar Pradesh recorded 9,695 new cases, a sharp increase from Thursday’s record of 8,490. Madhya Pradesh recorded 4,882 cases, another new record, while Gujarat detected 4,541 new infections. Rajasthan’s count increased to 3,970, while Punjab recorded another peak at 3,459.
Additionally, 13 other states posted their highest daily case counts in 2021, including Delhi, which reported 8,521 new cases in Delhi, close to the city’s highest count of 8,593 reported on November 11. Karnataka recorded 7,955 new cases, the highest since October 15. included 5,576 cases from Bengaluru Urban alone. Tamil Nadu’s count rose to 5,441, the most since October 7, while in Bengal infections increased by 3,648, the highest count since November 18.
Cases continued to rise in Haryana (2,994, highest since November 20), Andhra Pradesh (2,765, highest since November 3), Telangana (2,478, September 10), Bihar (2,174, August 23) ), Jharkhand (1925, September 8), Odisha (1282, November 8), Himachal Pradesh (662, December 10), Chandigarh (422, September 13) and Ladakh (91, December 6).
With the pandemic on the rise again in Kerala, the state reported 5,063 new cases, the highest since February 13.
The count of active cases in the country has increased more than five times in 28 days, since the number crossed 2 lakh on March 12. Active cases are calculated by subtracting the number of recoveries from the new case count. The actual active case count may be slightly less than the numbers given here due to migrations, etc.

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