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Bengal Elections: Mamata Banerjee receives notification from EC for comment on “gherao CRPF” | India News


NEW DELHI: The Election Commission has sent a notice to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for her repeated attempts to “reprimand and vilify” the central paramilitary forces by “falsely” suggesting that they may intimidate voters into voting. by a particular party and even inciting women voters during a speech in Cooch Behar on Wednesday before CRPF ‘gherao’ staff.
Stating that EC was prima facie convinced that its two statements, one during a television interview broadcast on March 28 and another in a speech on April 7 in Cooch Behar, violated the model code of conduct, as well as Sections 186, 189 and 504. of the Indian Penal Code, 1860, the voting panel notice asked Banerjee to explain his position in making the statements, at 11am on April 10.
In severe disapproval of his prima facie statements “completely false, provocative and immoderate,” “EC said that his attempts to reprimand and vilify the central paramilitary forces during the electoral process” are causing extreme demoralization “among the bases of the forces. who have made an immense contribution to the holding of free, fair and peaceful elections He also said that his comments had the potential to generate a “wedge of mistrust” between the state police and the central forces.
This is the second notice to Banerjee in recent days. On Wednesday he had sent him a notice about his appeal of votes along communal lines, saying it violated the model code as well as Section 123 of the People’s Representation Law.
The latest EC notice says that West Bengal Prime Minister’s false accusations and criticisms are vilifying the very forces “that have been performing landlord service since the late 1980s, election after election, and have made a contribution. commendable, especially in ensuring dominance of the area and deterring antisocial hooligans by their mere presence, thus playing an important role in helping ICE conduct free, fair, transparent and accessible elections. ”
“It is more than obvious that Mrs. Mamata Banerjee, President of AITMC, has been constant in reprimanding and demoralizing the central paramilitary forces, which often played an important role in assisting the affected state government and the governments of the territories of the union in the restoration of the law. and order and / or when required by state governments, etc. in your daily running as well. Much more discouraging is the fact that Ms Banerjee has been trying to make an emotional pitch for female voters to go to the point of inciting them to attack CPF staff … It is extremely regrettable that political battles are being sought for so much. he fought in this way instead of fighting in the election campaign, etc. ”Said EC.
Making a point to record their appreciation for the central forces, EC said they have invariably done a commendable job in the tasks assigned to them in all sectors, to the point of giving their lives, the most recent being the tragic episode. from Bijapur. Chhattisgarh. “It should also be noted that they and many other ministries and departments of the Union government and the departments of state governments assist ICE in conducting the elections. But the commendable role of the central forces in guaranteeing free, fair, transparent and accessible elections deserves a special mention ”, he stated.
He added that Banerjee was perhaps not realizing that his statements of vilification of the central forces “may create a wedge of mistrust among the West Bengal state police, which is also doing its own duty with the central forces, instead to complement each other, “said EC. this was bound to have serious consequential damages even after the election process was over.
In the notice, EC recalled that when it visited West Bengal on February 21, 2021, a delegation from Trinamool had alleged that BSF staff were intimidating villagers living in border areas into voting for a political party in particular in the elections of then. The AITMC delegation was asked to provide empirical evidence, if any, rather than make anecdotal allegations. However, they did not provide an answer to this specific question from the Commission, EC said.
At the conclusion of the two-day visit, Chief Elections Commissioner Sunil Arora, in response to a question asked at a press conference, said it was regrettable that “a party made inquiries about the BSF.”
“I have asked for specific instances. They (BSF) are one of the best forces in the country. There is no point in punishing any force, ad nauseam, “Arora had said.
However, the Prime Minister of West Bengal, in an interview with CNN dated March 28, asked: “Who gave them so much power that the central police are threatening women without allowing them to cast their vote? I saw the same thing in 2019. I saw the same thing in 2016 … I know under the instructions of who they beat and how they beat … if any of our mothers and sisters is denied entry to the voting booth, they all come out and rebel ” , had said.
In addition, according to the transcript of his speech Wednesday in Cooch Behar that he received from the state elections director, he made more “very objectionable comments” about the CRPF. “They will bring thugs from Assam to create panic … if CAPF creates riots, I tell you ladies, one group of you will go and restrict them (gherao) while another group will cast their votes,” he had declared.

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