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West Bengal Election 2021: How Many Complaints Filed Against Modi For Making Muslim Hinduism Every Day, Asks Mamata Banerjee | India News


NEW DELHI: A day after the electoral commission issued a show of cause notice to West Bengal’s Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on communal grounds, it confronted Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his demonstration in Damjur on Thursday.
The head of TMC attacked the prime minister and questioned how many complaints filed against Narendra Modi for doing Muslim Hinduism every day.
“It matters little even if ten demonstration cause notices are issued against me. I tell everyone to vote unitedly, that there will be no division. How many complaints have been filed against Narendra Modi? He makes him Hindu-Muslim all the days, “Mamata Banerjee said. .
“How many complaints have been registered against those people who called the Muslims of Nandigram Pakistani? Are they not ashamed? They cannot do anything against me. I am with Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and tribals,” he added.
On Wednesday, the EC ordered Mamata to submit a written clarification explaining her open demand for votes on communal grounds for her Trinamool Congress party in the current Assembly elections in the state.
In its order, the voting panel asked Banerjee to present its explanation within 48 hours of receiving the notice, otherwise “the commission will make a decision without further reference to you.”
The commission’s action came after BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi complained to the electoral body alleging that Banerjee, Nandigram’s Trinamool candidate, had appealed on April 3 to Muslim voters to they did not allow their votes to be divided between the different political parties, as he delivered a speech at Tarkeshwar in the Hooghly district.
The BJP alleged that she openly demanded votes on communal grounds for her party.
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