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Rohingya detained in Jammu will not be deported without the following law: SC | India News


NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court said Thursday that illegal Rohingya immigrants, detained in Jammu, will not be deported to Myanmar without complying with the law.
The center assured the court that the law will be scrupulously followed when deporting Rohingya migrants.
Attorney Prashant Bhushan, representing the petitioners, had requested a stay of deportation for the Rohingya.
The statement sought the immediate release of the Rohingya refugees detained in Jammu.
Will will issue his order on the provisional pleading made by a Rohingya refugee Mohd Salimullah in the pending matter.
On March 26, the court of the Chief Justice SA Bobde, Judges AS Bopanna and V Ramasubramanian had reserved their verdict on the guilty plea.
The Center had opposed the allegation saying that the country cannot be the “capital” of illegal immigrants.
During the arguments, lawyer Prashant Bhushan, who appeared on behalf of the petitioner, said that Rohingya children were subjected to murder, mutilation and sexual exploitation and that the military in Myanmar has not respected international humanitarian law.
The Center had held that they are not refugees at all and this is the second round of the litigation, as the higher court had previously rejected an application submitted by the petitioner.
“There was a similar application for Assam before. They (the petitioners) wanted no Rohingya to be deported, we had said that we will abide by the law. They are illegal immigrants. We are always in contact with Myanmar and when they confirm that the individual is their citizen, then only deportation can be carried out, ”said the Center.
Bhushan had alleged that the Jammu and Kashmir administration has detained the Rohingya in Jammu, who have refugee cards and will soon be deported.
On March 11, an interim statement was submitted in a pending PIL calling for the immediate release of the Rohingya refugees detained in Jammu.
The petition also requested instructions from the Interior Ministry to expeditiously issue refugee identification cards through the Regional Alien Registration Office (FRRO) to Rohingya in informal camps.
The request, submitted by Mohammad Salimullah, a Rohingya refugee, says it is in the public interest to secure and protect the right against deportation of refugees in India.
The statement said it was presented to protect the rights guaranteed by article 14 and article 21, read in conjunction with article 51 (c) of the Constitution, against the deportation of Rohingya refugees who have taken refuge in India after escaping from widespread violence and discrimination against their community. in Myanmar.
“Release the detained Rohingya refugees immediately and order the Union Territory government and the Interior Ministry to quickly issue refugee identification cards through FRRO to Rohingya in informal camps,” he said.
Violent attacks reportedly by the Myanmar military have led to an exodus of Rohingya tribes from the western state of Rakhine in that country to India and Bangladesh.
Many of them, who had fled to India after the previous streak of violence, have settled in Jammu, Hyderabad, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi-NCR and Rajasthan.
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