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Parliament panel concerned about “slow progress” on the issue of unique ID cards for the disabled | India News


NEW DELHI: As of mid-March, about 54.84 lakhs of e-Unique Disability Identification (UDID) cards were generated in 710 of the 734 districts of the states and union territories.
While the Department for the Empowerment of People with Disabilities (DEPwD) plans to cover an additional 10 lakhs of people by December to reach 65 lakhs, there is still a long way to go if legacy data is taken into account where 1.66 crore of PwD possess certificates of disability.
Also, according to the 2011 census, there were 2.68 crore PwD.
Ministry officials explain that for migration of existing legacy data, states / UTs must provide the data in the desired portal format and submit after it has been verified and approved by their respective health departments.
Concern for the progress of UDID finds detailed mention in the report on the demand for grants (2021-22) for DEPwD adopted by the permanent parliamentary commission on social justice and empowerment on March 16.
Citing the number of UDID cards issued against 1,65,99,752 disability certificates nationwide, the committee notes that progress in issuing UDID cards is slow.
The committee recommends that DEPwD should set annual targets at the state level for the issuance of UDID cards. Among the difficulties faced along the way, DEPwD, during the deliberations also shared that “many state governments said they need to revalidate the certificates…. the doctor was not revalidating so we could not take them on board. Now, with all this online process, the application of the certificate, the issuance of the certificate and the evaluation has fallen into some kind of congruence. ”
Monitoring involves a color-coded daily performance report and the stated state / UT performance level.
The 31-member committee chaired by Rama Devi points out that the UDID project is expected to be the national database for people with disabilities, for the issuance of UDID cards in order to allow people with disabilities to make use of various concessions under plans intended for your well-being.
“Such a delay in achieving the UDID goal due to reasons such as the lack of an online system until recently or the absence of a guide that allows private doctors to certify disability in case government doctors are not present. available, it is unjustified, “the committee states in the report.
The committee further expressed surprise that West Bengal has not yet joined and Nagaland has shown very slow progress in this regard. DEPwD also informed the committee that since UDID cards have not yet been issued to all existing disability certificate holders, the UDID card is not yet intended to be mandatory for any benefit.

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