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Faceless Schemes: Government Issues Over 1 Lakh Tax Orders | India News


NEW DELHI: The government has issued about 1.2 lakh of warrants under faceless appraisal schemes, but is in a bind as several taxpayers, whose cases were initially taken, do not respond to electronically issued notifications. This has led the Central Board of Direct Taxes to seek cooperation, if not, exparte orders can be issued or the tax collector can come and call.
“Certain people still do not respond to notifications, unless they respond, ex parte orders will be generated. Ideally, we don’t want that. In many cases, we have observed that they have not provided email IDs. I hope that people give their communication identification so that we do not have to resort to other means of communication, to visits ”, the president of CBDT, PC Mody, told TOI.
The government has switched to a faceless assessment and appeal mechanism to ensure there is no face-to-face interaction with tax officials to avoid harassment complaints. While the evaluation system is stabilizing, appellate units were previously asked to focus on smaller cases, because the numbers are higher. Mody said there are no restrictions now.
However, the challenge of people not responding remains and the head of the CBDT indicated that in larger cases, a visit from tax officials is not ruled out.
“In a situation, where the person was not responding, we tried to do our backend analysis. In the end, we had to conduct a search, which revealed an undisclosed turnover of almost Rs 400 million. Now I can understand, what was the hesitation in not responding to the prompt. That option is always there. But I would like that option to be exercised in the rarest cases, ”he said.
Mody urged taxpayers to address specific queries raised by tax authorities and to refrain from using non-parliamentary language, something that was noted in some responses. He said that the Information Technology Law provides for severe punishment for the use of abusive language.

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