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Anti-Romeo squads in Bengal if the BJP is elected to power: Yogi Adityanath | India News


CALCUTTA: BJP leader Yogi Adityanath said Thursday that anti-Romeo squads will be formed in Bengal if the party is elected to power in the state.
Bengal is not a safe place for women under the current TMC government, Adityanath, also Uttar Pradesh’s chief minister, said while addressing three election rallies in West Bengal’s Hooghly and Howrah districts.
He said if the BJP is voted into power, the emphasis will be on women and education.
“Why is Bengal not a safe place for women? … Education and transportation will be free for girls in Bengal. Anti-Romeo squads will be formed in Bengal to deal with those who hang around girls’ schools.” He said.
Anti-Romeo sqauds were launched in Uttar Pradesh to ensure women’s safety shortly after Adityanath took power in 2017.
West Bengal’s Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and her party, the TMC, have often referred to the Hathras gangrape case to poke fun at the Adityanath government’s surveillance of women and the law and order situation in Uttar. Pradesh, governed by the BJP.
The top BJP leader criticized the Trinamool Congressional government in West Bengal and mocked it for failing to achieve any positive change in its ten years in power.
“Where is the paribartan (change) that Mamata Banerjee had promised ten years ago? He asked.
When the Trinamool Congress came to power in the state a decade ago, it had promised to serve ‘maa-maati-manush’ (mother, country and people), which became its motto.
“What happened to that motto? I came to ask Mamata Banerjee about it. Why is Bengal not a safe place for women? This soil had produced so many social reformers. What happened to the youth of the state that has been frustrated?” I ask.
Adityanath said that Banerjee has no compassion for youth, farmers and development. “But she has compassion for the TMC bullies.”
Referring to the Citizenship Amendment Act, he said that it had been passed by Parliament and TMC had stoked violence against it in West Bengal.
The violence that occurred in West Bengal due to CAA legislation in Parliament had been fueled by the TMC. In UP, the government had recovered money from those who indulged in violence and damaged public property, he said.
“Here in Bengal, TMC is in favor of appeasement for the good of the vote bank. Mamata Banerjee supports cow slaughter. Cow slaughter is not allowed in UP. If someone is found to be involved in it, the person goes to jail, “Adityanath said. .
“TMC is not allowing central schemes to be implemented in West Bengal. Violence, lawlessness and corruption have ruined the state,” he added.
Expressing confidence that the BJP will come to power in Bengal, the Saffron party leader said after the election results were declared on May 2. TMC thugs will be sent to jail. Vandalism will end and the rule of law will prevail. ”
Adityanath also reiterated the need for a “dual-engine” government: same-party government (BJP) in the Center and the state for faster state development.

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