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WHO Introduces Assam’s Covid-19 Frontline Workers | India News


GUWAHATI: The World Health Organization in recognition of the effective management of Covid-19 in Assam has featured the state’s frontline workers in its news section with the headline “ASSAM: Frontline workers with muddy feet and hearts of gold “.
The article published on Wednesday paid tribute to the state’s front-line workers by saying: “In a state where 39.6% of the area is prone to flooding, according to Rastriya Barh Ayog of the Assam Government’s Water Resources Department, large Tracts of land are unreachable for many months during the year, which makes the provision of health services a great challenge. ”
He adds: “The state of Assam in Northeast India merged testing, tracking and treatment with the strengthening of its robust Primary Health Centers (PHC) to ensure that response services to the Covid-19 pandemic reached everyone in the state, including communities in hard-to-reach areas. ”
Applauding the state, the WHO article says that when Covid-19 cases began to rise after the easing of the national lockdown on May 17, 2020, “Assam rapidly expanded testing, tracking and treatment by launching the Assam Community Surveillance Plan (ACSP) to conduct active community surveillance to identify fever and SARI (Severe Acute Respiratory Infections) and ILI (Influenza-like Illness).
As part of this “Covid-19 plus” campaign, health workers visited door-to-door to screen people at high risk for testing by teams the next day. ”
The function also highlighted the state’s 2.0 or ‘Nischayata’ (Guarantee) surveillance plan under which aggressive testing was carried out at potential access points such as transportation hubs, markets, interstate truck and bus terminals, and parking lots.
“All arrivals to the state were tested for Covid-19, and those who tested negative were asked to observe a strict home quarantine for 14 days. Those diagnosed with Covid-19 were isolated in hospitals dedicated to Covid-19. This policy proved to be effective, and the majority of new cases were reported from quarantine centers, ”said the WHO function.
He said WHO field teams supported community and targeted surveillance programs by targeting Covid-19 response activities in flooded areas and remote tea gardens, and assisting in data management and prevention field reviews. and infection control in Covid care hospitals.
Other areas of support included the activation of a strong primary health care network for surveillance, strict quarantine, and effective case management, which contributed to improved recovery rates.
“WHO has been continuously extending technical assistance to implement different health programs in Assam to strengthen the health system and achieve the goals of CUS (universal health care).
Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the WHO has been supporting the state in different health initiatives to provide quality health care services.
Timely support from WHO has proven to be of great benefit to the state, ”said Dr. Dipjyoti Deka, director of the state program for the Assam National Health Mission.
WHO field teams have also been guiding the state government in the resumption and continuation of essential immunization services, surveillance of vaccine-preventable diseases, elimination of tuberculosis, and comprehensive primary care with the state.

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