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SC will hear on April 9 the plea of ​​Mukhtar Ansari’s wife for her protection in UP | India News


NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court will hear the petition of the wife of gangster-turned-politician Mukhtar Ansari on Friday seeking instructions to the Uttar Pradesh authorities to ensure that her husband’s life is “protected” in the state, as well as receiving a fair trial in cases. Against him.
A court of Justices Ashok Bhushan and R Subhash Reddy, according to the higher court’s website, would hear on April 9 the statement of Afshan Ansari, who has also expressed apprehension about possible attempts to eliminate her spouse in Uttar Pradesh.
Uttar Pradesh police obtained custody of Ansari from his Punjab counterpart on Tuesday according to instructions from the high court. He is accused of heinous crimes in several cases brought against him in Uttar Pradesh.
The guilty plea in the high court has alleged that there is a genuine, persistent and serious threat to Ansari’s life in Uttar Pradesh and there is a good chance that he will be removed if the high court does not direct adequate protection or safeguards to his life. . .
The statement said that in the past several rival political enemies belonging to the ruling state government have carried out several attempts on his life.
She requested instructions for her husband’s transit from one jail to another and also to the court to be videotaped at all times and carried out in the presence of central police officers such as CRPF.
On March 26, the high court had ordered the Punjab government to hand over custody of Ansari, who had been housed in Rupnagar prison there since January 2019, to the Uttar Pradesh police in connection with an alleged extortion case.
The new petition has asked the Uttar Pradesh authorities for instructions to provide adequate safeguards and protection to her husband while he is transferred to the Banda District Jail in Uttar Pradesh from Punjab.
He has also requested instructions from the authorities to provide protection to Ansari, an MLA from the Mau constituency, while he is housed in Banda Jail or any other jail decided by the special judge (MP / MLA court) in Allahabad and also while being brought before the courts of Uttar Pradesh.
The petition has asked the authorities for instructions to ensure that Ansari’s life is protected and that his rights under article 21 of the Constitution are safeguarded while he attends the trial in all cases against him in Uttar Pradesh.
The threat to the life of the petitioner’s husband (Ansari) is not merely an apprehension, but has also been corroborated in the past by several attempts on his life by rival political enemies belonging to the ruling government in Uttar Pradesh, he said.
There is an outstanding threat to the life of the petitioner’s husband and there is a very high chance that he will be removed if this court does not order adequate protection or safeguards for his life, he said.
The petition also referred to the gathering of gangster Vikas Dubey in Uttar Pradesh last year.
Similar reports are being given in the press regarding the petitioner’s husband in this document, so the petitioner prays that her husband’s life be protected while he is instructed to attend a trial in the state of Uttar Pradesh. lest he suffer a similar fate. He said.
The statement requested instructions that while Ansari is transferred to Banda District Jail from Punjab or transferred from Banda Prison to another jail, it should be done under the supervision and presence of a designated judicial magistrate.
On March 26, the high court had ordered the Punjab government to hand over custody of Ansari to the Uttar Pradesh police, saying he was being denied custody on trivial grounds under the guise of medical problems.
The higher court had said that a convict or prisoner without trial, who disobeys the law of the land, cannot oppose their transfer from one prison to another and the courts should not be a helpless bystander when the rule of law is challenged with impunity .
The high court had said that it was open for the special court, set up for parliamentarians and judicial deputies in Allahabad, to continue him in the Banda district jail or transfer him to any other state prison, should the need arise.
He had rendered the verdict on the Uttar Pradesh government’s plea for instructions to the Punjab government and the Rupnagar Prison Authority to immediately hand over custody of Ansari to the Banda District Prison.

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