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Sachin Waze claims that 2 ministers, Ajit Pawar’s ‘aide’, asked him to extort money in a big way | India News


MUMBAI: A new letter bomb hit the Maharashtra government on Wednesday with arrested assistant police inspector Sachin Waze claiming in a four-page letter to the NIA special court that Shiv Sena’s transportation minister Anil Parab had asked him to will initiate talks with a trust for a “50 million rupee settlement” to close an investigation.
The minister also asked Waze to identify the fraudulent contractors listed in the BMC and demand at least 2 million rupees from 50 of them, according to the letter.
The letter spoke of an alleged “Rs 2 crore demand” from former Interior Minister Anil Deshmukh after the head of the CPN, Sharad Pawar, considered canceling the reinstatement of Waze and alleged that someone claiming to be “very close” to the deputy CM Ajit Pawar asked Waze to collect Rs 100 crore a month from illegal gutka sellers.

Sachin Waze claims that 2 ministers, Ajit Pawar's 'aide', asked him to extort money in a big way | India News

Furthermore, the letter reiterated the accusation of the former city police chief, Param Bir Singh, against Deshmukh, of demanding to organize between 3 and 3.5 lakhs of rupees each in 1,650 bars and restaurants. NCP said it was not reacting to the letter as there was no direct reference to Ajit Pawar. Waze’s attorney, Rounak Naik, said the letter was not accepted by the court, which ordered Waze to follow due process. Waze alleged that in November 2020, he was approached by a man who claimed to be “a person very close to Deputy CM Ajit Pawar.”
The man, he said, explained to him about the “illegal tobacco and gutka trade” in Maharashtra and gave him phone numbers. “Said gentleman (man) insisted that he should collect a monthly amount of 100 million rupees from these illegal gutka sellers,” the letter read. Waze claimed that when he refused to carry out such an illegal act, he was warned that he could lose his position again.
The letter said that in July / August 2020, Waze was called Parab to his official bungalow and asked to investigate the SBUT (Saifee Burhani upliftment Trust) complaint, which was under preliminary investigation, and was told to bring the trustees for “negotiation” on the query.
“He also insisted on starting primary talks to get Rs 50 crore from SBUT in order to close this investigation. I had expressed my inability to do such things because I don’t know anyone from the SBUT and I also had no control over the investigation, ”the letter said.
Waze further alleged that in January this year, Parab called him at his bungalow “and asked me to investigate the investigation against fraudulent contractors listed at BMC.”
“He told me to collect at least 2 million rupees from about 50 contractors. This investigation is being the subject of an anonymous complaint. The aforementioned investigation was under preliminary investigation at the CIU and until my transfer from the CIU nothing incriminating was found, ”the letter says.
Repeating Singh’s accusation, Waze alleged that in January this year, Deshmukh had ordered him to extort between Rs 3 and 3.5 lakhs each from 1,650 bars and restaurants in the city. Waze said it told the then interior minister that there are only about 200 bars and rejected Deshmukh’s demand saying it was “beyond the scope of my abilities.”
Waze claimed that when he left the meeting held at the minister’s ‘Dyaneshwari’ bungalow, the latter’s AP advised him to comply with the demand if he wanted to keep his job and position. Waze said it had reported this meeting to the then police commissioner (Singh).
“I also expressed my fear that at some point in the future I would be involved in a false controversy. The Honorable Mr. CP encouraged me and categorically instructed me not to get involved in any illegal collection of money from anyone and for anyone, ”stated Waze.
The letter also said that Waze’s reinstatement last June, after its suspension in 2004, was rejected by certain “agitators.” He said that when the head of the CPN, Sharad Pawar, wanted to revoke his reinstatement, Deshmukh had demanded 2 million rupees from him to convince Pawar to let him stay. “I had expressed my inability to pay such an amount. On this, the Minister of the Interior asked me to pay in the subsequent course, “the letter said.
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