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Memorandum of Understanding between India and Japan to continue cooperation in atmospheric science | India News


NEW DELHI: The Cabinet of the Union was informed on Wednesday of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the National Laboratory for Atmospheric Research (NARL) and the Research Institute for the Sustainable Human Sphere (RISH) of Kyoto University of Japan for academic and research cooperation and exchange. .
According to an official statement, the MoU, signed in November last year, will allow NARL and RISH to continue their cooperation in areas of atmospheric science and technology, collaborative science experiments, campaigns, and related modeling studies using RISH and NARL’s research facilities. .
This MOU would lead to the mutual use of facilities such as the upper and middle atmosphere radar (MU) in Shigaraki, Japan, the equatorial atmosphere radar (EAR) in Kototabang, Indonesia and complementary instruments available from RISH, and the Mesosphere-Stratosphere-Troposphere. (MST) radar and add-on instruments available from NARL.
NARL and RISH have been collaborating in the area of ​​atmospheric science and technology, as well as an exchange of scientists. This arrangement was formalized in 2008 through an MoU and was renewed in 2013.
In November 2020, both parties signed a new memorandum of understanding to promote collaborative research, in accordance with the new guidelines.
The NARL scientists worked as specialists at the RISH-led international school for atmospheric radar.
A team of professors and researchers from Kyoto University visited NARL and held a focused workshop to strengthen the cooperative research being carried out by the two institutes.

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