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‘Health Collaborative’ launched to end preventable deaths in tribal communities | India News


NEW DELHI: To address tribal health challenges in India, the Center on Wednesday launched the first of its kind, multi-stakeholder ‘Tribal Health Collaboration (THC)’, committed to ending preventable deaths in communities tribal.
Starting with 50 aspirational tribal districts, THC would help accelerate TB activities and achieve India’s goal of TB elimination by 2025 by launching “Jan Andolan for TB” along with a focus on addressing key determinants such as alcohol dependence and malnutrition in tribal areas.
Over a 10-year period, THC’s work will extend to 177 tribal districts recognized by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs. Called “Anamaya,” the THC is an initiative of the tribal affairs ministry supported by the Piramal Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF).
In coordination with the ministries of tribal affairs, health, women and child development, Ayush and Niti Aayog, THC will join the efforts of various government agencies and organizations to improve the health and nutrition status of tribal communities in India.
“This collaboration brings together governments, philanthropists, national and international foundations, NGOs / CBOs to end all preventable deaths among tribal communities in India. Their goal is to build a high-performing and sustainable health ecosystem to address the key health challenges facing the tribal population of India, ”explained a statement from MoTA.
The roadmap established by MoTA for THC states that it is proposed to “establish 500 Primany Health Centers and 100 Community Health Centers and incorporate them into the state’s Program P Implementation Plans over the next 2 years.”
It is also proposed to launch the sickle cell plan in June. In addition to plans for the integration of 5,000 tribal healers with the health system, there are plans to establish a telemedicine facility through 740 EMRS in the most remote tribal blocks.
MoTA is also establishing a ‘Tribal Health Cell’ that will work closely with ministries of health, Ayush, and state governments to facilitate the strengthening of primary health care systems and invest in tribal health research. A National Tribal Health Council is also being established with MoTA and the ministry of health as co-chair and representatives from various ministries to intensify monitoring of the implementation of the tribal health action plan.
Tribal Affairs Minister Arjun Munda stressed that it was necessary to move away from the focus of speaking on the tribal and to work for the tribals based on their needs. He shared that the Tribal Health Action Plan and the Collaborative were steps to build on the inclusive approach. Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan made a strong call for THC to target TB in order for India to achieve its goal of “TB-free India”.
The Minister of Development of Women and Children, Smriti Irani, said that “the tribal population of our country faces health and nutrition challenges. Collaboration between governmental and non-governmental agencies to address this challenge is a very welcome decision ”.

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