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Government prepares to establish lead agency for road safety | India News


NEW DELHI: The expenditure department of the Ministry of Finance has green noted the creation of the National Road Safety Board, which will be responsible for guiding policies and their implementation to control road accidents and deaths. This green signal has now paved the way for the rapid creation of the lead statutory entity under the amended Motor Vehicle Act.
Currently, the Ministry of Road Transport has a small unit of officials dealing with road safety issues in addition to other responsibilities.
Although the board will be an advisory body, it will play a crucial role as it will have technical committees to examine different aspects of safety ranging from civil engineering to vehicle construction and standards, suggesting the recall of motor vehicles and security equipments.
India has almost 11% share of all road traffic fatalities in the world. The council with a minimum of three and a maximum of seven members will be chaired by a president who must have held the position of secretary or equivalent position and the members must have held at least the rank of supplementary secretaries.
The key criteria for your selection will be your experience in the fields related to road transport and security, urban planning, law, traffic management and regulation, police surveillance and investigation, insurance and civil engineering. The president and members will serve a three-year term and may be re-elected for a maximum of another three years.
The board will help formulate specific standards for road safety, traffic management and road construction for mountainous regions and also to determine the cost of safety equipment.
In yet another development, the Ministry of Rural Development has appointed some 800 auditors for regular road safety audits of village roads under PM Gram Sadak Yojna and road safety audits will be carried out on all stretches of more five kilometers.
“The proportion of fatalities on roads through rural areas has increased by more than 7% between 2014 and 2019, while the number of traffic accidents has decreased. Approximately one lakh of deaths were recorded in 2018 compared to almost 83,000 during 2014 on roads through rural areas … the number of deaths increasing in rural areas is mainly attributed to the expansion of roads and the construction of poorly designed rural roads. with very few security features, ”said rural development secretary, NN Sinha.
He spoke at a webinar on “Safer Roads for the Safety of All Road Users” organized by the India chapter of the International Roads Federation (IRF). Sinha said that to improve the quality and safety of rural roads, especially at junctions where rural roads connect with highways, road safety audits will be conducted on roads over five kilometers in length.

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