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Exit Polls 2021: Exit Polls Results from West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Assam and Puducherry on April 29 | India News


NEW DELHI: Voting in Assam, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Puducherry concluded on Tuesday. West Bengal yesterday completed its third and by far the most violently-hit voting round of the eight phases, with a voter turnout of 77.6% in 31 seats. Now all eyes will be on the exit polls that will come out on April 29 after the Bengal elections are over. The Electoral Commission has banned exit ballot boxes until 7:30 pm on April 29. The vote count will take place on May 2.
The exit poll is an opinion poll that is conducted to get an idea of ​​how people voted in a particular election. Unlike opinion polls, which are based on responses collected from a sample size, exit polls collect data from the field on the day of the vote.
When was the first exit poll conducted in India? In India, exit polls were almost indigenously initiated by the Delhi-based Center for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) in the 1960s. However, satellite television gave prominence to the polls to exit, commissioned by the Doordarshan state of a nationwide exit survey in 1996 to CSDS.
Tamil Nadu elections end peacefully with 71.79% voter turnout
Voting in 234 constituencies in Tamil Nadu on Tuesday unfolded peacefully, banning petty squabbles between cadres and failures of electronic voting machines in some parts of the state. The state recorded a 71.79% voter turnout at the end of the 12-hour vote amid the Covid pandemic. Voter turnout was 74.24% in the 2016 assembly elections.
81.64% of polls in Puducherry UT
Voting in Puducherry Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam were generally peaceful, save for a few misplaced incidents. The territory registered 81.64% of surveys, which is less than 84.08% of the surveys of 2016 and 86.19% of those of 2011. Most of the rural districts crossed 80% of the surveys by at night, while many urban districts crossed 70% of the polls at night.
Kerala recorded 74% of surveys
Kerala went to the polls on Tuesday to elect its XV legislative assembly, registering a 74.2% participation that was 2.8% below the last assembly elections in 2016 (77.35%), which sources of the electoral commission attributed to the situation of Covid-19. The election witnessed a close contest between the two rival fronts (LDF and UDF) in most constituencies, while the BJP-led NDA put up a decent fight in many seats.
More than 82% of polls in the final phase of voting in Assam
Assam concluded its third and final phase with 82% of the vote in the last 40 of its 126 seats. The final phase has decided the fate of 337 candidates, including 25 female applicants. Election officials said that except for a few minor incidents, no major adverse incidents were reported in any of Assam’s 12 western districts, on the border with Bhutan, West Bengal and Arunachal Pradesh, where elections were held smoothly. peaceful and smooth.
West Bengal: 2 dead, 5 candidates attacked in third phase hit by violence
Large-scale violence rocked the third phase of the elections in Bengal with at least five candidates from different parties attacked, their vehicles damaged, electoral agents beaten and two party workers killed.
Voting for the fourth phase will be on April 10 for 44 seats, the fifth phase on April 17 for 45 seats, the sixth phase for 43 seats on April 22, the seventh phase on April 26 for 36 seats and the last and eighth phase on April 29 for 35 seats. .

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