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Central agencies are misused to attack political rivals: Shiv Sena | India News


MUMBAI: The Shiv Sena claimed on Wednesday that the law and central investigative agencies were being misused to round up political rivals.
An editorial in Sena spokesman ‘Saamana’ said that the Mumbai High Court had detained senior police officer Param Bir Singh for his corruption allegations against former Maharashtra Interior Minister Anil Deshmukh, but learned of the charges in a separate petition filed by one Jayshri Patil. .
“No one is above the law. But it is now clear that the law and central investigative agencies are being misused to round up political rivals,” the Marathi publication stated.
“It is cause for concern that the constitutional authorities are getting involved in weakening the Maharashtra government in such a way,” he said.
The Shiv Sena shares power with the NCP and the Congress in Maharashtra.
On Monday, the HC ordered the CBI to carry out a preliminary investigation within 15 days into allegations of corruption made by former Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh against CPN leader Deshmukh after which resigned as minister of the interior of the state.
The HC was listening to statements made by Singh himself, lawyer Ghanshyam Upadhyay and local teacher Mohan Bhide and city lawyer Jayshri Patil.
The HC ordered the CBI investigation into Patil’s statement.
The editorial said that the BJP opponent in Maharashtra makes statements like which minister of state is next in line to resign.
“They would not say this if they weren’t sure that the central investigative agencies are working for them. This is a conspiracy to smear the state,” Sena alleged.
He also previously said that opposition parties had brought accusations against members of the ruling party and several ministers and senior ministers had to resign.
But the atmosphere was not filled with hatred and poison, said the Seine.
He said that while the Bombay HC approved an order to carry out an investigation into the allegations against Anil Deshmukh, Karnataka Prime Minister BS Yediyurappa recently received relief from the Supreme Court as he suspended the criminal proceedings against him in a 10-year corruption case.
“Why different decisions for Anil Deshmukh and the Prime Minister of Karnataka?” the Marathi newspaper wanted to know.
Referring to a French media report on the Rafale fighter jet deal that claimed the aircraft manufacturer paid 1.1 million euros to an “intermediary”, the editorial asked who should resign now on moral grounds?
“Is morality only for Shiv Sena and NCP?” he questioned.
The BJP has already denied the accusation in the French media report as unfounded.
The editorial said that “the Supreme Court had previously approved an order that there was no corruption in the Rafale case” and the BJP had targeted Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on his charges of corruption in the fighter jet deal.
In particular, the Supreme Court had dismissed the allegations challenging the agreement between India and France for the acquisition of 36 Rafale jets, saying that there was no occasion to “really doubt the decision-making process” that justified the cancellation of the contract.

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