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World topper? 43 lakh + doses of vaccines in a single day | India News


NEW DELHI: Covid vaccines in India hit a new record with more than 43 lakh of doses administered on Monday, the highest so far in a single day, while officials maintained that daily dose inoculation will rise further in the future.
A total of 8.4 crore doses were given to eligible recipients nationwide through Tuesday at 8 p.m.
India ranks second in terms of daily rate of vaccine doses administered with an average of 26.53 lakh of daily injections administered to recipients. The United States has the highest rate of daily injections given at 30.53 lakh. However, other countries like Brazil, the UK, and Germany are much less at 6.23 lakh, 4.13 lakh, and 3 lakh, respectively.
However, the number of fully vaccinated people in India is still around one crore.
Experts say the spike in cases appears to have pushed people to get vaccinated, prompting a surge in influx in recent days.
About 2 million people in the age group 45 to 60 and more than 3.44 million people over 60 have received their first dose, while 12.58 million people over 45 have also received their second dose.

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