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The J&K government modifies the order of precedence | India News


SRINAGAR: The J&K government amended its order of precedence on Tuesday, placing presidents of district development councils (DDC) equivalent to mayors in state within their respective territorial jurisdictions.
“In substitution for all previous orders issued on the subject, it is hereby directed that the Order of Precedence that forms the Annex to this Government Order shall be observed at all ceremonial functions / occasions in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.” , establishes the amended order.
Under the order, the vice presidents of the DDC have been placed in equivalent status to all administrative secretaries, divisional commissioners, IGPs, chief conservators of forests, assistant secretaries of the Government of India and officers of equivalent rank and officers of the rank of general. higher. or equivalent range within their respective jurisdictions.
Members of the DDC have been appointed equivalent to district magistrates, brigade rank officers, senior department heads, forest curators, and district and session judges. The presidents of the bloc’s development councils, the presidents of the municipal councils and the municipalities have also been similarly placed in the order of precedence.

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