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Migrants responsible for the spread of the coronavirus in Maharashtra: Raj Thackeray | India News


MUMBAI: MNS chief Raj Thackeray said on Tuesday that migrant workers from other states were responsible for the rapid spread of the coronavirus in Maharashtra, which has been reporting a large number of new infections since recent weeks.
He said the states the migrant workers came from lacked adequate facilities to test them for coronavirus.
“Maharashtra is the most industrialized state in India, attracting large numbers of workers from other states. The places where these workers come from lacked sufficient testing facilities.
“During the close of last year, I suggested that migrant workers returning to their places of origin should be tested, but it was not done,” Raj Thackeray told reporters after a virtual interaction with Maharashtra’s chief minister Uddhav. Thackeray.
Raj Thackeray said he asked the CM to allow athletes to join practice sessions and to allow gyms to function with social distancing.
Speaking about the new set of restrictions imposed in Maharashtra since Monday evening, Maharashtra President Navnirman Sena (MNS) said that all stores must remain open for at least two to three days during this period.
Under the restrictions announced by the state government on Sunday, with the exception of essential services stores, medical stores and grocery stores, all other stores, markets and malls will be closed in Maharashtra until April 30.
“The government says that manufacturing will be allowed during the time of restrictions, but stores will not. If stores are not allowed to remain open, what is the logic behind allowing manufacturing activity?” I ask.
He also demanded that people’s electricity bills be waived during the closing period. “… Industrial production stops, offices are closed and many people are losing their jobs … In such a scenario, why should people pay energy bills?” he questioned.
Raj Thackeray called on the state government to promote all students in classes 10 and 12, who are supposed to take exams offline.
The government should discuss issues such as loan recovery and people’s arrears with banks, he added.
The MNS leader also said schools should not charge parents full fees because education is switched to online mode.
Responding to questions about the resignation of state Interior Minister Anil Deshmukh, Raj Thackeray said focus should not deviate from the main theme of the conspiracy behind the planting of an explosives-laden vehicle outside the industrialist’s residence. Mukesh Ambani in South Mumbai in February.
“Anil Deshmukh is not important. Why did (former Mumbai Police Commissioner) Param Bir Singh recall the Rs 100 crore target only after his transfer? The allegations that Deshmukh set the goal that some police officers raise 100 crore rupees from Hotels, restaurants and bars per month are disgraceful, “he said.

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