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India is Lucky to Have a Major Global Vaccine Manufacturer: World Bank President on IBS | India News


WASHINGTON: World Bank President David Malpass has said that with the Serum Institute, India is blessed to have a major global vaccine manufacturer and is encouraged by the increase in the country’s national vaccination program.
Malpass made the remarks Monday during a media roundtable ahead of the spring meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.
“I have had substantial contact with the Serum Institute. India is fortunate to have a major global vaccine manufacturer in India, ”he said.
Responding to a question, Malpass said that it has fostered greater transparency in terms of what the national requirements are for local production, and that extends to countries around the world.
“It has not been clear, whether in the United States, Europe, South Africa or India, what the requirements of their local production are to meet local demands. I have been encouraged by India’s increase in their national vaccination program, and we are working with them on that. This is a high priority for the world, ”Malpass said.
“Because the capacity constraints are immense, it takes a lot of people to scale the vaccination campaign that we are carrying out,” he said.
The Health Ministry said on Saturday that India has administered a total of doses of Covid-19 vaccine as of Friday.
As such, Malpass said it is important and vital to have early delivery of vaccines to developing countries because it will take a long time to make the vaccines.
“So I think one of the world’s highest priorities is to start allowing vaccine supplies to reach developing countries themselves, including the poorest countries, so that the vaccination process can begin,” Malpass said.
By the middle of this year, he said, the World Bank will have 50 countries with financing contracts in place that will allow the funds to be used to purchase vaccines as they become available around the world. The bank is actively working on that, he said.
India, he said, is the World Bank’s largest program and, as such, he mentioned the problems of climate change.
“As we work with India and the transitions being made to have cleaner, lower carbon fuels for electricity, all forms of energy will be one of the biggest challenges in the world, and I know that India is working directly on that. . It is an important country in the global mix in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and in terms of adaptation, ”said Malpass.
According to data from Johns Hopkins University, there are 131,666,045 cases of Covid-19 worldwide with 2,858,491 deaths.

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