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Google Doodle urges people to ‘wear masks and save lives’ | India News


NEW DELHI: In a public service announcement, Google Doodle on Tuesday urged people to wear masks and save lives as Covid-19 cases rise in the country.
By putting a mask on all their alphabets, Google shared information resources so that people know and understand how they can prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
In a simple message, Google Doodle reminded everyone to “wear a face cover, wash your hands, and keep a safe distance.”
To make the correct information about Covid-19 more accessible, the squiggle leads readers to a “more information” option that directs to the website of the ministry of child and family development.

Google Doodle urges people to 'wear masks and save lives' | India News

Global Covid-19 Case Burden exceeds 131.6 million
The total number of Covid-19 cases globally has exceeded 131.6 million, while deaths have risen to more than 2.85 million, according to Johns Hopkins University.
In its latest update on Tuesday morning, the University’s Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) revealed that the current number of cases and deaths globally stands at 131,696,594 and 2,859,357, respectively.
The United States is the most affected country with the highest number of cases and deaths in the world with 30,777,338 and 555,403, respectively, according to the CSSE.
Brazil follows in second place with 13,013,601 cases and 332,752 deaths.
The other countries with more than two million confirmed coronavirus cases are India (12,589,067), France (4,893,971), Russia (4,538,101), United Kingdom (4,376,629), Italy (3,678,944), Turkey (3,529,601), Spain (3,311,325), Germany (2,903,036), Colombia (2,456,409), Poland (2,448,463), Argentina (2,407,159) and Mexico (2,250,458), showed CSSE figures.
In terms of deaths, Mexico ranks third with 204,147 deaths.
Nations with a death toll of more than 50,000 are India (165,101), United Kingdom (127,106), Italy (111,326), Russia (99,049), France (97,005), Germany (77,070), Spain (75,783), Colombia ( 64,293), Iran (63,332), Argentina (56,471), Poland (55,005), Peru (53,138) and South Africa (52,995).
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