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Cast your votes, India is counting on you: Rahul Gandhi to the voters | India News

NEW DELHI: With elections for assembly elections in four states and one Union territory, Congressional Leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday urged people to cast their vote, saying “India is counting on you.”
Elections for 31 seats are underway in the third of West Bengal’s eight-phase assembly elections, while 40 seats are up for grabs in the final and third phase of the assembly elections in Assam.
Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry will vote in single-phase assembly elections on Tuesday.
“Cast your votes today, India is counting on you,” Gandhi tweeted.

In a tweet, Congress Secretary General Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said: “As elections begin in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, I ask my sisters and brothers to go out and vote in large numbers and secure a future strong, progressive and prosperous for them. ”

In a Facebook post, he also urged people in Assam to vote in large numbers and strengthen the democratic process.
“Brothers and sisters in Assam, Kerala, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal, it is time to exercise your democratic right, Go vote! For peace and progress,” Congress tweeted from its official Twitter account.

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