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To win Bengal with one leg, Delhi with two legs: Mamata Banerjee | India News


NEW Delhi: West Bengal Chief Minister and President of the Trinamool Congress (TMC), Mamata Banerjee, on Monday expressed confidence that her party will not only retain the state in the ongoing assembly elections, but also win the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. He also reiterated that the state would not be ruled by anyone from Gujarat, but by its own people.
Speaking at an election meeting in Chunchura, Mamata called himself the Royal Bengal Tiger and said that West Bengal will not be ruled by anyone from Gujarat. He also said that he will win the 2024 parliamentary elections.
She said: “I will win Bengal with one leg and Delhi with two legs.”
Training with his weapons Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Interior Minister Amit Shah, Mamata, who is seeking a third term in office, said that West Bengal will be ruled by its own people.
Mamata, who has been accused by the prime minister of spilling abuse on him on different occasions in the run-up to the elections, said she doesn’t mind that Modi calls her “Didi, or didi” in a tone that some TMC female leaders . have been described as sarcastic.
“He does this every day, I don’t care,” Banerjee said.
By admitting the wrongdoings of the TMC MLA Tapan Majumdar and Tapan Dasgupta de Chunchura and Saptagram respectively, which have been presented by the ruling party, the supreme TMC asked the voters to forgive them and give them a chance “as they did not they will do again. ”
“We will be in big trouble if we don’t win from the Hooghly district,” he said.
The TMC, which dominated the majority of the 18 assembly seats in Hooghly district until the 2016 assembly elections, lost a lot of ground to the BJP in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.
The TMC leader said she suffered injuries, allegedly inflicted on her by BJP supporters in Nandigram on March 10, to prevent her from campaigning for the West Bengal assembly elections, a watershed event for both the TMC and the BJP.
However, after reading the survey observers’ report, the EC concluded that the Nandigram incident was an accident and not a planned attack.
Criticizing the central government for Saturday’s Naxal attack in Chhattisgarh that killed 22 security personnel, the West Bengal chief minister accused the BJP of failing to govern the country properly and of concentrating on the West Bengal elections.
Lamenting the BJP for bringing in leaders from all over the country, who “are camping in the state to win the elections,” Mamata said the saffron party is presenting its acting deputies for the assembly elections as it has a shortage of candidates. suitable.
The BJP has nominated Locket Chatterjee, their deputy Lok Sabha from Hooghly, for the Chunchura assembly seat.
Questioning the logic behind holding the West Bengal assembly elections in eight phases, he said: “It could have been done in 3 or 4 phases.
“Wasn’t it wise to hold the elections in fewer phases and conclude early in view of the COVID-19 situation?” asked the prime minister.
Mamata also claimed that the coronavirus situation is not bleak in the state so far.
The country recorded an all-time high of 1,03,558 coronavirus infections in one day, bringing the nationwide COVID-19 count to 1,25,89,067, according to data from the Union Ministry of Health updated Monday.
In West Bengal, 1,957 more people tested positive for the infection on Sunday.
He claimed that the Center has denied permission to the TMC government in the state to take over the closed Jessop and Dunlop industries located in the Hooghly district, leaving thousands of employees of these two companies in the lurch.
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