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Supreme Court Appoints Two Justices to Conduct Trials in Coal Scam Cases | India News


NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Monday appointed two judicial officers, Arun Bhardwaj and Sanjay Bansal, as special judges to carry out trials in the sensational coal scam cases pending since 2014 here.
Previous special judge Bharat Parashar was conducting trials in around 40 coal scam cases and has been replaced by two judges after the high court recently noted a letter from the Secretary General of the Delhi High Court in which He was given permission to nominate or appoint another suitable presiding judge. officer as special judge in place of Parashar.
A bank headed by Chief Justice SA Bobde looked at the five names of judicial officials provided by Chief Justice of Delhi and said it assumed “all judges are good”.
The court, which also includes judges AS Bopanna and V Ramasubramanian, instead of appointing a special judge to replace Parashar, appointed two presiding officers to carry out the trials after special counsel RS Cheema suggested so. .
There are 41 pending cases and it would be appropriate for two courts to be constituted, Cheema said.
The court then decided to appoint Bhardwaj and Bansal as special judges to preside over two courts to deal with the coal scam cases.
On March 15, the Supreme Court had requested the Chief Justice of Delhi to provide the names of five trial court judges of “high caliber and absolute integrity” to appoint one of them as special judge to replace Parashar. .
On March 15 he said: “We found that Bharat Parashar, who has acted as special judge (PC Law), (CBI) -07, Patiala House Court, New Delhi, needs to be replaced as he has now completed more than 6 years in the same position after having been assigned as a Special Judge in said court since 08/19/2014 “.
“We therefore request the Chief Justice of Delhi to provide us with a panel of names of some five judges of high caliber and absolute integrity so that we can suggest an appropriate replacement for Bharat Parashar, special judge,” the court had said.
The court noted from Special Prosecutor Cheema’s presentation that the law provides that the resolution of such cases must be guaranteed in two years, which can be extended up to four times for a period of six months each.
He took note of the fact that Parashar has been serving as special judge since 2014 and his replacement is now needed and settled the case after two weeks to consider the names to be provided by the Chief Justice.
The higher court in 2014 had annulled 214 blocks of coal allocated by the Center between 1993 and 2010 after taking note of the PILs, including one presented by attorney ML Sharma, and had ordered a trial before a special IWC judge. . PTI MNL SJK

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