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Sonu Sood Charity ‘Call’ Could Be Cyber ​​Fraud | India News


MUMBAI: A 23-year-old from Muzaffarpur in Bihar, Ashish Kumar Singh, was arrested on Saturday by the Cyberabad Police Cybercrime Unit for allegedly misleading a Telangana man by promising help on behalf of actor Sonu Sood.
The author approached the police on 3 March, stating that he wanted to reach out to some needy people in his state and that he had learned that Sood was helping with those causes. He looked up the contact details for Sood’s corporation and found a number.
“The scammer who answered the call claimed to help. He told the southern statesman that Sood would donate Rs 50,000 from his kitten. But he told the Telangana dogooder that he would have to pay Rs 8,300 as registration fees, ”said a police officer.
A couple of days later, the defendant called the man in Telangana to tell him that the actor had decided to increase the aid to Rs 3.60 lakh, the officer said. “For this, a registration fee of Rs 60,000 was requested. The Telangana man paid only to find that he had been misled. ”
Sood said he had learned of the arrest. “People should beware of a gang who misleads saying they work for a charity run by me. I urge people not to accept these kinds of donation requests online, ”Sood told TOI.

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