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Sikh Jawan Tied His Turban On A Soldier’s Bleeding Leg, Was Shot, Both Survive | India News


RAIPUR: Having been wounded in the Maoist ambush, a Sikh Security personnel removed their turban to tie the wounds of a fellow Jawan during the encounter in the Tarrem forests in the restless Bijapur district in the Bastar tribal region of Chhattisgarh.
Identified as Sheriff Balraj Singh of CRPF’s Elite Command Battalion for Resolute Action (CoBRA), the command was hit by a bullet during Saturday’s Maoist attack and is currently under treatment at a hospital in the state capital. As the wounded jaws fought for help, the Sikh Jawan removed his turban to bandage the wounds of fellow staff members.
Speaking to TOI, Balraj, who suffered gunshot wounds to the stomach, said: “We were firing during the encounter after taking our positions when the Maoists attacked us with UBGL that left my fellow Deputy Personnel Inspector Abhishek Pande seriously injured. He he was right next to me and his leg was bleeding profusely. A thought crossed my mind, I would die if the bleeding doesn’t stop. I sought first aid but was exhausted as used for other wounded jaws. ”
The brave soldier further said: “Seeing no way out, I took out my turban, broke it and tied it around my colleague’s leg. The bleeding stopped and Pande fired again. The encounter was so fierce and we fought bravely.” leaving many Maoists neutralized and injured. ”
Minutes later, Balraj took the lead to break the ambush and came out firing the bullets, it was then that they shot him and a bullet went through his abdomen.
The doctor treating Balraj said he was out of danger and would be ready to go home, but the doctor said it would be too early to imagine them returning to the battlefield anytime soon.
According to the special director general of the police, Rajinder Kumar Vij, some of the injured jaws had told him about this incident when he met them. The senior police officer also took to Twitter to salute the Sikh Jawan.
SI Pande, whose life Balraj saved, is also out of danger and is recovering in another private hospital in Raipur.
Meanwhile, a CRPF officer, Sandeep Dwivedi, who is receiving treatment at the hospital, told reporters that the Maoists apparently had prior information about the movement of the security forces.
“We had left for the operation the night after the information about the presence of Maoists. The ambush took place while we were returning. It was a surprise attack, but our staff defended themselves and managed to break up their ambush. We had suffered losses but we also caused casualties on the rebel side, ”he said. He said the strong presence of Maoist cadres and the manner in which they were executed indicates that the Maoists apparently had prior information about the movement of the security forces.

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