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‘Number of myanmareses crossing 3,000 hits’ | India News


AIZAWL: While Mizoram government officials were silent about the actual number of Myanmar citizens who have crossed, sources close to Aizawl-based Chin organizations said Sunday that at least 3,000 people have already taken refuge in the state. . Most of them are employed by the Myanmar police and fire services, as well as other government departments.
“We have been instructed not to disclose the exact number of refugees (from Myanmar) due to the attitude previously shown by the Union Ministry of the Interior, which told the state government to deport anyone entering the state from Myanmar,” An official from the Mizoram Interior Department said, adding that large numbers of people could have entered through the porous 404 km long international border with Myanmar undetected.
He said it was impossible to keep an accurate record as many refugees feared being identified because their relatives in Myanmar are still at the mercy of the ‘Tatmadaw’ or the country’s army.
On Thursday, a senior Interior Department official told TOI that more than 1,500 refugees have taken refuge in the state. The Mizoram government has made arrangements to house refugees who have no relatives or friends in Mizoram.

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