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Now, deaths from Covid begin to increase at the same rate as cases | India News


NEW DELHI: The first weeks of the second wave of the Covid pandemic in India saw no corresponding increase in deaths. But that has changed in the last four weeks.
Since March 8, Covid-related deaths have risen at the same rate as the rise in infections, with the seven-day average of daily cases and deaths increasing by nearly 345% during this period.
Daily deaths (seven-day average) increased from 96 on March 8 to 425 on April 4, which translates into an increase of almost 4.5 times, exactly reflecting the increase in cases during this period.

In the previous four weeks (February 8 to March 8), there was a 50% increase in average daily cases, but no increase in deaths. The recent increase in deaths has been the sharpest since the start of the pandemic.
2,974 Covid deaths were recorded last week (March 29-April 4), a record 59% higher than the previous week’s count (1,875). Almost 1,100 more deaths were recorded last week than in the previous seven days, which was the highest weekly increase in deaths since the coronavirus outbreak in India.

In the previous two weeks, deaths increased by 51% and 41%, respectively, again the steepest increases in percentage terms, except for the week of June 15-21, when hundreds of retroactive deaths were added to the count. The fact that deaths remain below the levels seen when similar numbers of daily cases were recorded in the past could be due to a delay in deaths that is often seen when infections increase rapidly.
Clearly, the deaths need to be closely monitored in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, India reported 96,517 new infections on Monday, a tone lower than the previous day’s record increase of more than 1 lakh in cases.
Cases remained high on Monday, which generally sees a sharp drop in numbers due to reduced testing and staff shortages over the weekend, indicating that the pandemic was still increasing in the country.
There were 445 deaths from the virus in the past 24 hours, the sixth consecutive day for more than 400 victims in India. While Maharashtra reported 47,288 new cases, nearly 10,000 fewer than the previous day’s count, there was a massive spike in Chhattisgarh, reporting 7,302 new infections, making it the second state to cross the 7,000 mark in daily cases this year.

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