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Interior Minister Amit Shah was busy campaigning for elections when Jawans were killed in Chhattisgarh: Congress | India News


NEW DELHI: Congress on Monday held Union Interior Minister Amit Shah to account for the deaths of 22 security personnel in Chhattisgarh, claiming he was busy campaigning for elections when Naxalites killed the soldiers.
Congressional chief spokesman Randeep Surjewala said the party-led government in Chhattisgarh is committed to providing full support to the paramilitary forces and the Center in their fight against the Naxalites.
“We are one and we are united in this fight, but what about the responsibility of the Indian Interior Minister in the operation? Will he continue to shirk his duty, will he be completely absent, will he continue to do tours and public rallies for 24 hours and no one I should hold him accountable because he is the sacred cow, “he told reporters.
Surjewala said that the media had demanded the resignation of a minister during the Mumbai terror attack only because the then Union Minister of the Interior, despite being physically present in Mumbai to supervise the operation, had changed his clothes.
He said there was so much uproar in the country that the minister had to resign.
“But here, the interior minister can tour with movie stars, hold public rallies, be in three different states, not go back to Delhi and then do a huge favor by canceling the last two rallies in Assam and not be held accountable.” whether or not they ask me questions, I don’t think so, that should be the criterion in this country, “said Surjewala.
He also claimed that Amit Shah did not return to Delhi or visit Chhattisgarh after the operation, but returned only after more than a day as he continued to campaign in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Assam for the upcoming assembly elections.
Twenty-two members of the paramilitary forces were killed and 31 injured in a shootout with Maoists along the border of Sukma and Bijapur districts in the Bastar region of Chhattisgarh on Saturday.
Shah held a meeting with officials in Chhattisgarh on Monday and said the fight against the ultras will intensify to end the Naxalite threat.

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