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Congress raises the Rafale deal again after French media demands a “commission” of 1.1 million euros | India News


NEW DELHI: On Monday, Congress sought a comprehensive investigation into the Rafale defense deal and demanded responses from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, after a French media report claimed the aircraft maker paid 1.1 million euros to an “intermediary”.
Congressional chief spokesman Randeep Surjewala told a press conference here that the French news portal report has shown that Rahul Gandhi’s repeated corruption allegations in the deal were correct.
While there was no immediate response from the BJP or the government on the charges, they have in the past denied any wrongdoing in the country’s largest defense deal.
Surjewala said that according to the French portal report, an investigation by the ‘French Anti-Corruption Agency (AFA)’ revealed that after signing the deal in 2016, Rafale maker Dassault allegedly paid 1.1 million euros to a intermediary, Defsys Solutions. which is an Indian company.
“Isn’t a full and independent investigation into India’s biggest defense deal now required to find out how much bribery and commission actually, if any, and to whom in the Indian government?” He asked at a press conference. .
“Will Prime Minister Narendra Modi now respond to the nation?” I ask.
Surjewala said this amount was shown as an expense by Dassault as “gifts to customers.”
The leader of Congress said that the Defense Acquisition Procedure (DPP) as well as the stated policy of the Indian government provides that there will be an “Integrity Clause” in every defense purchase contract that clearly states that there can be no intermediaries or payment of kickbacks or kickbacks.
Surjewala said that according to the DPP, any evidence of middleman or commission or bribery has serious criminal consequences, including banning the supplier, canceling the contract, registering an FIR and imposing heavy financial penalties on the company.
“Hasn’t the Rafale agreement, which involves imposing heavy financial penalties on Dassault, banning the company, registering an FIR and other criminal consequences?” He asked.
He asked if the 1.1 million euro payment shown by Dassault as ‘Gifts to Customers’ is actually a commission paid to the broker for the Rafale deal.
“How can ‘middle man’ and ‘Commission Pay’ be allowed in a ‘Government to Government Defense Contract’ or in any Defense Acquisition in India in violation of the Mandatory Defense Acquisition Procedure,” he asked.

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