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BJP’s fight against TMC will end violence and caste prejudice in Bengal: Keshav Maurya | India News


Senior Vice Minister of the UP Keshav maurya, who has been traveling in West Bengal to campaign alongside Union ministers, says the BJP will never forget the wounds and scars left on its workers during the violence unleashed by Trinamool Congress and the fight is to restore the pride of all communities, including Matuas. He spoke with Rohan Dua |. Excerpts:
P. Along with several ministers of the Union such as Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, Sanjiv Balyan and Arjun Munda, has been assigned a key role for West Bengal. Is it because of its caste factor as in UP or otherwise?
R. Party gives each of us some responsibility from time to time. There are 35 constituencies in the assembly that I am seeking to strengthen my party’s scrutiny. My party BJP and PM Narendra Modi have always fought for sabka saath sabka vikas. It is not about any caste. I am glad that I was able to contribute to the success of the party in 2017 when I was then BJP state chairman under the leadership of Amit Shahji. I hope that we can get positive results in more than 25 seats easily.
Q. But has the BJP put the spotlight on the Matua community, which comprises 30 million people in West Bengal and influences more than 80 seats?
A. It is a myth that just because they are from the SC community and BJP is looking for a vote bank in them. Most of the Matuas came and settled in West Bengal after facing atrocities elsewhere, but neither Congress, the Left, nor the TMC heeded their demands all these years. Now that we have decided to address your complaints and find representation, other parties are also looking to hear from you. Why did no other MPs or leaders decide to respect the holy shrine of Matuas in Orakandi? Didi has only openly supported infiltrators and illegal immigrants.
Q.TMC has accused the BJP of using central agencies like ED and CBI on its leaders before the elections.
A. Similar accusations were made during the UP elections and also in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Probes in most cases take years. We also know how TMC extracted money from Cyclone Amphan funds instead of distributing it to people. TMC is afraid of future research.
Q. Do you agree that BJP’s direct fight is against regional parties in most states like that against SP and BSP in 2017 and 2019 in UP?
R. What can be said of the Congress when it fights against the left in Kerala and joins the same left parties in West Bengal?
Q. TMC has said that the BJP could not find suitable candidates and instead agreed to its central leaders as Babul Supriyo.
R. Is it not a moment of pride that in BJP, which is a parivar, we can give any responsibility to anyone in the state and the Center? We want to fight, but TMC is unleashing violence on our party members and leaders like JP Nadda. We will not cower and we will avenge the murders of our workers.

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