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Rahul Gandhi may not be able to skip Bengal for long | India News


NEW DELHI: Congressman Rahul Gandhi, who has thus far avoided ‘Battlefield West Bengal’ for practical reasons and political correctness, may find that next week he may force a shift in his approach.
On April 6, elections will conclude in all states linked to the polls except West Bengal, where there will still be five more phases.
“It is unlikely that while the entire BJP is camping in West Bengal after April 6, the former head of Congress will sit at home for five phases. It is almost certain that he will finally visit Bengal, ”said a senior congressional official.

Rahul’s decision to stay away from Bengal appears to have been dictated by a desire to sidestep the political contradictions that Congress finds itself straddling between states: while Congress is in an alliance with the CPM in West Bengal, the left is its main rival in Kerala.
But there are other problems as well. While Congress bowed to the sentiment of its West Bengal unit to link with the CPM against the ruling TMC, it has faced pressure from other opposition parties for Mamata Banerjee to be supported in its high-stakes fight with the BJP. It appears that the need to balance national politics with local party sentiment has also been a factor in the decision to avoid the state.

After April 6, if Rahul decides to visit West Bengal, it would be interesting to see his campaign line, whether he trains his weapons at TMC or directs fire at Narendra Modi and BJP. It may be another balancing act for the congressional official to perform.

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