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Nitin Gadkari Warns Contractors and Officials Against Shoddy Work | India News


NEW DELHI: Union Highway and Highway Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has warned contractors and highway officials not to compromise on quality of work when installing expansion joints on bridges and overpasses. He said that contractors will be responsible for such works and that they would have to demolish those stretches at their own cost.
Travelers often feel the jolt when traveling from approach slab to deck slab of a bridge due to expansion joints. If these gaskets are not fixed properly and a smooth surface is not provided, the shaking becomes severe. This becomes a major problem on highways where vehicles travel faster.
Gadkari had recorded his distress over poor workmanship in installing expansion joints when he inaugurated a project in Lucknow on Friday, the sources said.
“I realized yesterday that expansion joints are not set properly in Uttar Pradesh. I tell them (contractors) that the highest quality must be maintained when installing expansion joints. If there is any compromise on quality, you will have to remove it and do it again at your own cost under the defect liability provision of employment contracts. If I have any complaints about quality, please note that I will not spare any contractors or officers, “Gadkari said while launching a series of projects. in Jharkhand on Saturday.
NHAI sources said that a lot of attention has been paid to addressing this problem of poor workmanship when fixing expansion joints on bridges and overpasses. “This spoils the joy of traveling on roads where you are allowed to drive at a higher speed. The NHAI president has been holding regular meetings on this and now, with the minister’s warning, this will become the top priority for everyone. us, “said an official. .
Responding to the suggestion by Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren on the need to maintain vegetation throughout the NHs, Gadkari said that contractors often don’t do a good job even though this is part of the contracts. .
“I will not forgive any of those contractors who manage people at lower levels and do not complete the works. They must withhold payment from said players and send notices to said contractors. Now we have decided to do the qualification of contractors and projects. If any contractor commits with quality, you will get negative ratings and you will not get new contracts, “said the minister.

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