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In more than 5 months, the Covid of India is once again the highest in the world | India News


A continued rise in the Covid-19 pandemic lifted the country’s daily cases to more than 93,000 on Saturday, with deaths topping 500 for the first time in four months, even as India again began recording the highest number of daily infections in the world. world.
At nearly 89,000, India’s daily cases on Friday were the highest in the world, ahead of the United States (70,024) and Brazil (69,662). This was the first day since October last year when India’s cases were the highest in the world, according to the worldometers.info website.
Even in terms of the seven-day moving average of daily cases, a more reliable indicator of trends, India’s count of nearly 69,000 was only behind Brazil’s count of 72,238 on Friday. With the tally rising to 73,201 on Saturday, India is expected to overtake Brazil, especially since the South American country’s chart has been declining in recent days.

In more than 5 months, the Covid of India is once again the highest in the world | India News

The last time India’s seven-day average of daily cases was the highest in the world was on October 19 of last year, before a massive spike in cases made the US the top spot in the world. world coronavirus access.
On Saturday, India recorded 93,077 new cases, according to TOI data collected from state governments. This was the highest single-day case count since Sept. 19, even as the second wave edged closer to the highest daily count ever recorded in the country: 98,795 on Sept. 17 of last year.

Daily deaths also topped 500 for the first time since December 4, with 514 deaths recorded in the last 24 hours. The explosive rise of the pandemic continued in Maharashtra, which reported 49,447 new cases, its third new all-time peak in as many days. The state also recorded 277 deaths, the highest since Oct. 16 when the death toll was 308.
Mumbai also continued to break records with its highest single-day increase of 9,108 cases. There were 27 deaths from the virus in the city, the highest since November 4.
Although Maharashtra led the national increase by a long way, cases in the rest of the country were also increasing rapidly. The rest of India reported 43,630 new cases on Saturday, up from 41,161 the day before, when the count had surpassed 40,000 for the first time since November.

Apart from Maharashtra, three states reported their highest daily case count on Saturday: Chhattisgarh, where a massive increase brought the daily count to 5,818, Madhya Pradesh (2,839) and Gujarat (2,815). Eleven other Union states / territories reported their highest count this year, including Tamil Nadu, which reported 3,446 new cases, the highest since October 19, and Uttar Pradesh, where the count (3,290) was the highest since on October 11.
Additionally, Haryana recorded 1,959 cases (highest since Nov 28), Bengal 1,736 (highest since Dec 20), Rajasthan 1,675 (Dec 7), Andhra Pradesh 1,398 (Nov 17), Telangana 1,078 (Nov 11) November), Jharkhand 873 (September 1), Bihar 836 (November 9), Himachal Pradesh 418 (December 18) and Chandigarh 310 (September 16).

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