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In 5 Charts: Why Mumbai Covid Numbers Have Raised The Alarm News from India


NEW DELHI: Mumbai, India’s financial capital, has become one of the worst-hit Covid cities in the country after witnessing a worrying spike in infections in recent days.
On Sunday, Mumbai reported more than 11,000 new cases, its biggest increase since the pandemic hit India. The massive increase also fueled Maharashtra’s record tally of more than 57,000 new infections today.
Here are five charts that explain the grim Covid situation in Mumbai …
Worse than the worst affected states
Not just Maharashtra, Mumbai alone has been reporting more Covid cases than all the other worst affected states in the country.

Following the latest figures, the more than 11,000 cases in Mumbai are higher than those in Chhattisgarh (5,818) and Karnataka (4,373) on Saturdays combined.
No other state in India has reported more than 10,000 cases in the second wave of Covid, indicating that Mumbai alone is a major contributor to the ongoing increase.

Even Pune is witnessing a large increase in cases with the city reporting more than 12,000 new infections on Sunday.
Second most severe wave
The second wave of infections in Mumbai is much more severe than the first wave in September-October last year.

Even during its peak in October 2020, Mumbai recorded its all-time high of just over 2,800 new cases.
In the second wave, his last daily record is almost five times higher.
Steep climb
The current wave in India, especially Maharashtra, is apparently more contagious than the one seen last year. At least that’s what the numbers suggest.
Exactly one month ago, on March 4, Mumbai had reported 1,104 new cases. It took just over 30 days for this figure to break the 11,000 mark.

In the last week, Mumbai accumulated more than 53,000 infections to its account.
This is a clear indication of how quickly infections are spreading through the city.
However, the only positive is the low fatality rate (CFR) in Maharashtra and Mumbai.
On April 3, Mumbai CFR was 0.27%.
Second highest number of active cases
And it is not just Mumbai. Cities like Pune, Nagpur, Nashik and Thane are also behind the Covid peak of Maharashtra.
With 60,846, Mumbai has the second highest number of active cases in India after Pune (73,599).

Thane, which borders Mumbai, has also reported a similar spike in infections in recent days. It currently has more than 48,600 active cases.
10% of all cases in India
With new cases hovering around the 10,000 mark, Mumbai alone accounted for 10% of India’s total cases on Sunday morning.

Meanwhile, the Maharashtra government on Sunday tightened statewide Covid restrictions to curb the spread of infections.
In an order issued after a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Uddhav Thackeray, the government announced that a nightly curfew will be imposed every day from 8:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. He also said that the lockdown will be imposed every weekend from Friday at 8 p.m. to Monday at 7 a.m.

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