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Comrades debate the title of ‘Captain’ | India News


KOZHIKODE: CPM strongman P Jayarajan has sparked a debate about the cult of personality in the party. Reflecting divergent views among CPM leaders on calling Prime Minister Pinarayi Vijayan ‘captain’ rather than comrade, Jayarajan wrote in a Facebook post on Saturday that as far as the CPM is concerned, the party is the captain. In a carefully worded post that on the surface seems to justify the ‘captain’ comment as an innocuous display of affection on the part of the people, Jayarajan, however, points out that it was not the individuals but the CPM and the LDF that are the surety (Urappu). from the people.
In 2017, the CPM secretary of state had criticized Jayarajan for his attempts at ‘glorification’ by citing a six-minute music video album extolling him. The album released by Purachery Grameena Kala Samithi had praised Jayrajan as the ‘star of Kannur’ and the ‘protector of honor of the red bastion and defender of the truth of the red flag’.
“Many people are concerned about the growing popularity of communists among the people. It is the LDF that defends policies oriented to people and well-being. When we are with people, they express their affection through various means. Some will express their affection by writing songs, some by posting photos, and others through tattoos. But the communists do not immerse themselves in a cult of personality, “he added.
Jayarajan added that as comrade Kodiyeri Balakrishnan had said, in this match, everyone is ‘comrade’ and the match is the captain. “So the right wing and the media need not be bothered by the popular support received by the CM,” Jayarajan said.
When asked about CPM supporters and even about the party that uses the term captain to refer to him on a daily basis, Pinarayi Vijayan told the media that people use various terms according to their interests. “Attempts to create a problem or create confusion about it will have no impact,” he said.
However, the acting secretary of the CPM, A Vijayaraghavan, justified the comment of the ‘Captain’ and said that it can be seen as a response from the public towards Vijayan’s leadership skills. “Pinarayi Vijayan is one of Kerala’s most respected leaders and people have given him several respectable names. It is election time and Comrade Pinarayi Vijayan is leading the electoral activities in the state. People like it and use various respectable names, ”said Vijayaraghavan. Meanwhile, the CPI Secretary of State Kanam Rajendran said that both the CPI and the CPM used to call on their leaders as mere comrades.

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