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Amritsar Rural Police Arrest Pakistani Citizen After Recovering Guns And Ammunition Near International Border | India News


AMRITSAR: Amritsar rural police recovered weapons and ammunition from the nearby international border on Sunday and arrested a Pakistani smuggler who had ties to Sikh hard-line groups trying to reactivate militancy in Punjab.
The Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Amritsar, Rural, Dhruv Dahiya reported that the police had recovered a FAL 222 rifle with a magazine and 9 real rounds, 1 AKM 47 rifle with a magazine and 5 real rounds, a .303 caliber pistol with a magazine and 7 real rounds and 1 30 pistols made in China with magazine.
Following a specific entry, the police had recovered on Sunday from border pillar number 99/3 near the border post of Pul Moran of the Border Security Force (BSF), about ten meters inside the Indian territory of the international border with Pakistan .
Dhruv revealed in preliminary investigations that the shipment of arms and ammunition was brought into Indian territory by a Pakistani national identified as Bilal.
“Bilal is closely associated with radical Sikhs involved in anti-India activities, who had also previously been involved in sending arms shipments to India,” the SSP said.
He said additional investigation, including technical analysis, was underway to uncover Bilal’s network of foreign and Indian associates involved in the supply and further movement of the shipment.
Interestingly, the police have not designated any Indian smugglers in the case so far.
“We are investigating the case to find out about the Indian counterpart of Bilal and others,” he said.
In particular, cross-border narco-terrorists had always tried to find cracks in the international border in Punjab to infiltrate weapons and ammunition and reactivate militancy in Punjab with the help of a remnant support base of Sikh militants who have taken refuge in the neighboring country and account with the support of ISI Pakistan.
Last year, drones from the soil of Pakistan dumped weapons and ammunition in the border villages of India.
In the recent past, there have been several cases of drone sightings in the Gurdaspur and Pathankot districts.

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