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Amidst the Surge, Assam’s Health Minister Says No Mask Needed | India News


GUWAHATI: Amid a rise in Covid-19 across the country, Assam’s Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has sparked outrage and mockery on social media by stating that it is no longer necessary to wear a mask in public “in the context of Assam, as there is currently no Covid on the Express. ”
He made the claim on Saturday during an interview with an online Hindi news portal and followed it up with a tweet on Sunday, defending what he had said.

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Inappropriate Covid behavior is a key reason behind the alarming increase in the number of cases. Taking note of this, the Center is even launching a special campaign to raise public awareness. The very purpose of such measures is thwarted when a high-ranking state politician from the ruling party takes an arrogant, even mischievous, attitude toward the importance of wearing a mask. He should be charged immediately for such an irresponsible comment, which certainly endangers public health.

“Those who are scoffing at my statement on the mask, should come to Assam and see how we have contained Covid-19 compared to states like Delhi, Kerala and Maharashtra, along with an impressive recovery of our economy. We will celebrate Bihu (Assamese New Years from April 14) with the same enthusiasm as well, ”tweeted Sarma, who has been campaigning for the BJP across the state and routinely mixes with supporters without the security of a mask.
When asked on Saturday if his stance on the Covid protocol as health minister did not contradict the Center’s directives, Sarma had said: “Why wear masks unnecessarily and create panic? When the situation calls for it, I will inform people to wear masks. I have to revive the economy … how can beauty salons function if customers wear masks? They have to survive. ”Assam reported 69 new Covid cases on Sunday.

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