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Over 600 Mumbai Buildings Now Sealed | India News


MUMBAI: The second wave of Covid has led to the sealing of iconic residential skyscrapers in South Mumbai, locking families inside their luxury apartments and questioning the radical action of the civic corporation.
The last action to face was at Tony Cuffe Parade, where Jolly Maker-1’s 25-story A wing comprising around 100 floors and Maker Tower-B were sealed on Friday. Previously, on Nepean Sea Road, Embassy Apartments was locked up on Tuesday after 23 cases were reported. “We are following Covid protocol to seal the entire wing,” said a BMC official.
More than 600 buildings in Mumbai are currently sealed, which means they are closed, no one enters or leaves, unless you get a special permit. Even essential supplies need to be delivered to the door. It’s a form of collective quarantine for 14 days, a grim prospect that comes closer every time another neighbor tests positive.
BMC protocol requires sealing the skyscraper floor when cases are reported. But if the cases exceed number five, the whole building can be sealed. Most ward officers have calibrated their approach. In large housing complexes and skyscrapers where appropriate Covid behavior is met, they prefer to seal only the floors or sections that are particularly vulnerable.
In the case of the two SoBo buildings, action has been swift and rigorous, drawing criticism from residents. A Jolly Maker-1 resident said YOUR: “BMC posted a notice at the entrance notifying six positive cases of Covid, but nobody monitors if someone enters or leaves.” Jolly Maker-1 is often touted as the richest real estate company in India due to its corpus reaching tens of millions of rupees.
After sealing the Maker Tower-B, BMC health officials performed RT-PCR testing of all high-risk contacts. Local corporate Harshita Narwekar said: “This is being done so that residents do not have to go through the 14-day quarantine. Then you can only seal the floors that have boxes. “He admitted that in large societies it is not practical to lock up all residents. About 8,000 buildings in Mumbai have sealed one or more floors when a resident has tested positive.

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