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Now 1,000 rupees fine for violating Covid rules at Mumbai airport | India News


NEW DELHI: Raping Covid will now cost 1,000 rupees. Mumbai International Airport Ltd (MIAL) announced on Saturday that it will impose a “fine of 1,000 rupees on people who refuse to comply with Covid safety regulations, such as wearing face masks that cover the nose and mouth and keeping the social distancing among others at the airport. ” . ”
MIAL’s decision comes after Bengaluru airport began imposing a 250 rupee fine on violators outside the terminal, such as in parking, and the Airports Authority of India said it will also penalize violators of the Covid standard. MIAL said the measure for Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) is based on the “directive issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) … from April 1, 2021.”
Indian airports had implemented a standard operating procedure in pandemic time required by the DGCA to resume domestic flights scheduled since last May. Airports have posted boards to remind passengers of the regulations and also make regular announcements for compliance. “.. (additionally there are) bailiffs on the ground who encourage passengers to follow security precautions during their journey through the airport.
With the latest DGCA directive, these bailiffs will now impose fines on anyone who refuses to comply with requests to follow established security protocols in the wake of the pandemic. In the event of additional non-compliance, the offender will be turned over to the authorities for further action, ”the MIAL statement said.
Earlier this week, the Airports Authority of India (AAI) decided to impose fines on travelers who violate Covid regulations at its airports. The state authority operates around 90 airports in India, including those in the Calcutta and Chennai metropolitan areas. “We will be imposing fines on those who do not observe the Covid protocol according to the AAI Management Regulations of 2003,” said AAI spokesman JB Singh.
While AAI did not award the amount of the fine, the “sanctions” section of the 2003 notice of the management regulations reads: “Anyone who violates any provision … will be penalized with a fine that can be extended to 500 rupees. … ”
Bangalore Airport says willful violators inside the Bangalore airport terminal building who refuse to wear masks despite being asked to do so will be denied boarding or evicted from the terminal. The spokesperson for Bangalore International Airport Ltd (BIAL) said it is imposing a fine of 250 rupees under state government rules on violators of the Covid rule outside the terminal building, such as those coming to drop off or receive passengers or the ones in the parking lot. “So far, 16 people at the airport premises (outside the terminal building) have been fined for not complying with the government order,” he said.
The Union aviation minister, HS Puri, had warned earlier this week: “A notice was issued to all airports to ensure compliance with the Covid-19 protocol. People should wear face masks (covering the nose and mouth) and maintain social distance. We are moving in the direction of punitive action by the police against non-compliant passengers. ”
Consequently, the DGCA on Tuesday ordered all airport operators to explore “the possibility of taking punitive measures, such as the imposition of cash fines … to serve as a deterrent for the violation of the Covid-19 protocol.”
The DGCA carried out surprise checks at several airports in recent days to see how local management, security and other agencies were addressing this problem. “During the surveillance of some airports, it has been observed that the compliance is not satisfactory. Therefore, all airport operators are requested to ensure that the Covid-19 protocol instructions of wearing proper face masks, covering the nose and mouth, as well as maintaining the norms of social distance within the limits of the Covid-19 protocol, are scrupulously followed. airport facilities, ”a DGCA circular issued on Tuesday says.

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