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NIA: Waze had a joint account with an accomplice | India News


MUMBAI: The NIA told the special court on Saturday that suspended assistant police inspector Sachin Waze had a joint account and locker with an accomplice at the Development Credit Bank (DCB), Versova. The NIA has alleged that Rs 26.5 lakh was in the account on March 8.
However, the incriminating material was removed from the locker on March 18, five days after Waze’s arrest on March 13, Assistant Attorney General Anil Singh said as he sought an extension of Waze’s custody on Saturday. Special Judge Prashant R Sitre sent Waze into NIA custody until April 7.
Singh said custody of Waze was required to determine at whose request and why the account was operated upon after his arrest. He also said the investigating agency wanted to find out why the items were removed from the locker and where they were kept. Singh added that several of his accounts and lockers were under the scanner, adding that it was necessary to determine what transactions had taken place and who were among the conspirators who had been paid.
Waze, who has been in NIA custody for 22 days, denied having such an account. His defender, lead counsel Aabad Ponda, urged the court to make the document on which the NIA relied available for filings. “Is there a bank account opening form with my photo and my signature?” Ponda asked. When the NIA told the court that the relevant document could not be shown because it mentioned other details of the investigations, Ponda responded: “It does not have that joint account. If they have any letters to say that they have a joint account, then it is only secondary evidence, hearsay. ”He also questioned how Waze could be held responsible for someone operating the account while it was in NIA custody.
Among other submissions made seeking custody of Waze for six days, Singh said a diary was made available to the NIA on April 1 by a South Mumbai club, which has a quoted amount in it. “He (Waze) received a large amount and this was noted in the diary. Why would the owner of a club or the person who runs it give such a large amount? Singh commented.
The prosecution also submitted that NIA had recovered a passport from an unknown person from the Waze home. He said the investigating agency needs to find the person’s identity, why their passport was at the Waze home and if they were related to the crimes. The NIA also said that via IPDR (Internet Protocol Detail Record) data, on March 4, Waze was seen moving suspiciously towards the crime scene. The prosecution said it had 120 TB of CCTV image data recovered from various locations connected to Waze. Singh told the court that downloading all the data itself would take around 5-6 days, after which it would be analyzed. “The pictures will show where he had gone, how things were arranged … who he met,” he added.
Citing additional reasons, NIA said that through Waze’s disclosure statement, they had recovered various incriminating materials, such as a laptop, DVR, CPU, printer, and license plates from the Mithi River. He said the items were in a “destructive state” and he needed to determine their content, the purpose they served and why they were destroyed.
Ponda denied that Waze had made a disclosure statement on March 28 and claimed that this recovery was planted. “The recovery is based on your ability and will and nothing to do with me, for the simple reason that the Mithi River is 17.84 km long with a catchment of 7,295 hectares and is deep in the upper reaches and in the center of 70 meters. There is no doubt that one can easily find these items on the river. This has been completely imposed on me ”, Ponda presented.
The NIA also produced incriminating documents that were retrieved from the home search of co-defendant Vinayak Shinde. Shinde is an officer convicted of the fake encounter of Chhota Rajan’s assistant Ram Lakhan Bhaiya in 2007. The prosecution said Waze needed to confront them. The NIA further said that a Mercedes had been seized on April 2. So far, seven vehicles have been seized and statements from 50 witnesses have been recorded.
Ponda said the NIA had cited no reason to justify his custody for crimes under the strict Unlawful Activity (Prevention) Act (UAPA). He said that after the 15-day period, the NIA could only request the remaining 15 days of custody under the law. Unlike other provisions of the law, according to the UAPA, an investigating agency can request a total of 30 days of custody. He also said that, at best, the investigation looked like a case of disproportionate assets and not under terrorism-related offenses under the UAPA. However, the NIA said that both the recovery of explosives from a pickup truck that was found parked near the residence of industrialist Mukesh Ambani in South Mumbai on February 25 and the murder of Mansukh Hiran are related.

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