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As 45+ Years Lining Up to Take Hitting, Centers Will Operate Even in the April Break | India News


NEW DELHI: When Covid-19 vaccination opened for everyone over the age of 45 on Thursday, the Center called on states to increase inoculation in the wake of increased infection that threatens profits from the previous recession in cases and the nascent economy recovery.
About 22.9 lakh doses were administered through 56,390 vaccination sessions in public and private hospitals on Thursday until 10:30 pm, according to the latest data reviewed by TOI.

As 45+ Years Lining Up to Take Hitting, Centers Will Operate Even in the April Break | India News

According to the previous statement from the Ministry of Health, 17.47 lakh doses were administered until 8pm on Thursday. Of this, doses of 15.28 lakhs were administered to those over 45 years of age.
In order to expand coverage, the Center has decided to put into operation the Covid Vaccination Centers (CVC) of the public and private sector every day of April (from today until April 30), including official holidays.
To reduce vulnerability to the virus and control its spread, the Center aims to administer at least 30 lakh of daily doses, official sources said.
The center is focused on achieving maximum coverage in high-load districts. Overall, India has administered doses of more than 6.7 million rupees as of 8pm on Thursday. Of this, about 4 crore doses have been administered to those over 45 years of age. States have been directed to optimally utilize all CVCs in the public and private sectors to ensure a rapid increase in the rate and coverage of vaccination.
Despite repeated warnings from the Center and liberalized policies to connect all private facilities with necessary amenities in the vaccination campaign, sites organized in the private sector remain much smaller than those in government hospitals. Of the total of 56,390 sessions organized on Thursday, only 6,440 were in the private sector, the rest in government hospitals.
Experts say there is an urgent need to speed up vaccination in the wake of the increase in cases across India. Average daily cases in the last week of March rose to around 56,200, more than three times from around 16,740 recorded in the first week of March. On Wednesday, daily cases rose to 72,330. However, the pace of vaccinations remains moderate in most states with only around 92 lakh of people fully inoculated so far since the launch of the vaccination campaign on January 16.

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