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Results of the survey in 4 states to decide the course of national politics: Sanjay Raut | India News


MUMBAI: Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut said on Thursday that the results of the Assembly’s polls in four states, especially Assam and West Bengal, will decide the next course of national politics.
Speaking to reporters here, Raut said that the BJP is in power in Assam, but that Congress has fought a tough battle.
In West Bengal, although the BJP has put all its power to defeat Mamata Banerjee (the chief minister and leader of the Trinamool Congress), she has fought like a tigress and is “sure that she will come out the winner,” she said. .
“We can also measure the mood in Kerala and Tamil Nadu,” said the Rajya Sabha member.
Banerjee wrote a letter on Wednesday to non-BJP leaders, including the head of Congress, Sonia Gandhi, saying the time has come for a “united and effective” fight against the BJP’s alleged attacks on democracy and the Constitution, and that opposition leaders should try to present a “credible alternative” for the people of the country.
When asked about the letter, Raut said: “The results of the polls in four states, especially Assam and West Bengal, will decide the next course of national politics. After the elections, the nature of the alliances will be discussed and there will be clarity.. ”
Even Maharashtra’s chief minister, Uddhav Thackeray, has received a letter from her, she said.
Raut also said that the “present Mahabharat” in West Bengal is fiercer than the real Mahabharat.
“Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that the battle of Mahabharat was won in 21 days and that we will fight the coronavirus in 18 days and win. But we have not,” said the senior spokesman for the Seine.
Raut said that the whole country is watching the West Bengal polls and that the people are also smart.
“The battle is certainly tough, but Mamata Banerjee will win,” he said.
Raut also said that the “attack” on democracy in the country is not new.
“Whenever there is an attack, the people and the opposition parties have responded. This is the strength of our democracy,” he said.
On the differences between political parties in Maharashtra on the need for a new lockdown in the state, as it has seen a large increase in coronavirus cases, Raut said there should be no policy on fighting COVID-19.
“Whatever measures are taken, they will be in the interest of the state and its people,” he said.

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